Anti-trafficking Projects in India – by Red International

Anti- trafficking projects provide opportunities for people in the UK to support the range of projects run by our Indian partners, OMIF. These projects help prevent trafficking by providing alternatives for vulnerable men, women and children, and also provide practical help in rehabilitating and reintegrating those set free. These include education, economic development, healthcare and legal advocacy projects.

Currently we are focusing support on the projects helping those enslaved in ritualised prostitution. Your donation will go to support Dalit anti Trafficking and victim care projects such as HIV/AIDS testing, support and counselling through the provision a local clinic; providing alternative employment through focussed micro enterprise and micro finance projects; vocational training projects; women’s empowerment programmes; provision of legal support in rescue cases; etc. etc.

In general we leave the allocation of funds to particular projects to our Indian partners who being Indian nationals having had years of experience are able to assess the needs from both a culturally sensitive and strategically important perspective. They regularly report back on the way that the funds have been used and we in turn pass that information onto you. The organisations also produce annual audited reports.

However, if there is a specific area that you would like your donation to be applied please contact us and we will try to arrange that for you.

We are also partnering with a UK Human rights charity called Dalit Freedom Network UK to act as a channel for their supporters to fund these anti trafficking projects. Rather than creating wasteful duplicate infrastructures they have chosen to use RED International, to handle the transfer of funds.

Dalit Freedom UK is a human rights charity that has responded to a ‘cry for help’ from the leaders of the Dalit population of India. They represent a vast network of justice-minded, modern-day abolitionists committed to India’s ‘untouchables’ by partnering with the Dalit people in India. DFN UK works with individuals, groups and organisations in the UK and internationally to knit together their combined resources on behalf of the individuals and organisations within India that are working hand-in-hand with the Dalits for their emancipation.

They believe Dalits need protection from physical persecution and trafficking into bonded labour, the sex industry, begging, ritualised prostitution, abusive domestic service and the harvesting of body parts. DFN UK is specifically and wholly devoted to the protection of Dalit human rights and together with their partners are active advocates for the rights of Dalit men, women, and children across India.

To find out more about RED International, visit their website

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