FAIR COMMENT: Generating Innovative Ideas for Your Business

Anyone who has been in business knows what it is like to have those niggling problems or concerns. Things that just wont go away no matter how much you think about them.

Sometimes you need support and ideas from outside your business to help you to get to the heart of the matter.

Fair Comment is an innovative and cost-effective response to this problem and generates dozens of ideas to ensure your future success.

How Does It Work?

The Fair Comment Panel is drawn from the3rdi Magazine community of experienced and dynamic business women.

We give our time freely and brainstorm ideas in order to address the issues brought to us. It is a little bit like Dragons Den meets Mastermind, with one big difference – the panel is always on the side of the presenter!

After a 10 minute presentation the brainstorm begins, with dozens of ideas being generated from the panel of 8-10 experienced business women drawn from their wide experience and expertise.

The presenter has an hour of the time and combined brainpower of the panel and leaves with lots of ideas to consider.

In return the presenter makes a £100 donation to The Womens Fund

Want to become a Panel Member?

  • Becoming a panel member is both rewarding and challenging.
  • It is a great way to expand your professional network.
  • It is a fantastic way to use your expertise to help the women who come to the panel looking for ideas to progress their business.
  • And it is a wonderful way to support the Women’s Fund
  • And panel members work to decide how the donations are distributed through grants to charities and community groups working with and for women.

Panel Members are drawn from the3rdi magazine community of experienced and dynamic businesswomen. You can join here to join the3rdi community and then contact anne@the3rdi.co.uk for details about joining the Fair Comment team.

Want to present an issue to the panel?

Sometimes no matter how committed you are to your business, how passionate you are about it, it can be hard to take a step back and really get to the heart of the matter.  Presenting to Fair Comment generates lots of new ideas for your business.

  • We meet you in a relaxed setting during the evening.
  • You present your business issue to the group
  • We generate ideas based on your issue and the needs of your business.
  • You take notes and we assist with putting the ideas into practice.
  • Each session lasts approximately an hour and costs £100 and the fee is donated to The Womens Fund.


The first event was supported by Morton Fraser and will take place on 5th April at their fabulous Quartermile Offices.

To book a session and to find out how Fair Comment can help your business, contact anne@the3rdi.co.uk and we’ll get back to you with more details.

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