Clutter Clearing and Spring Cleaning

As clutter influences our relationship with a room it has a particular role in feng shui. Clutter naturally builds up around our home and offices. There is a natural flow of material into a space and a natural flow out. Clutter could be defined as those items we are not sure about. We think they might be useful one day and hang on to them, or we do not have enough time to think about whether we need something or not, and they hang around waiting for a decision. Sometimes clutter can be made up of items that were useful but no longer are. We just have not got round to realising it and moving them on.

In this sense the amount of clutter we collect around us could be a reflection on how aware we are of what we need and how decisive we are of getting rid of it. Some people like to keep their rooms open, clean and clear, whilst others like to let things build up and then have a major spring clean.

From a feng shui perspective, clutter tends to slow the flow of chi. In this sense an attractively cluttered room can feel cosy, soft and still compared to a more Zen space. Clean, open, clear spaces allow chi to move more freely and as a result we can feel more stimulated, free and expressive.

Whilst we cannot claim clutter is good or bad we can take a fresh look at our home or office from time to time and see whether the things inside really serve us anymore. In my experience with feng shui a spring-clean and declutter always refreshes the atmosphere of a space and a room will feel different for some time after.

Such a change of atmosphere helps us feel different when we are in the room. I find it helps me feel more in control, decisive and clear minded. It is almost as though some of the clutter in my mind dissolves as I get rid of the clutter in my home.

Sometimes being in a cluttered place can increase feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed and confused. At the same time some clutter can add personality, character and interest to a room. We are all different and each of us can experiment to find the ideal amount of clutter to feel the way that best helps us succeed in life.

The spring time is idea for that spring clean. I suggest choosing a dry, sunny day so that you can open all the windows and let fresh air blow through your home as you stir up winter’s stillness.

Try creating pile of objects you want to keep, another of things you definitely want to throw out and a third of items you cannot decide about. Towards the end of the day you could return to the third pile and review it. Whatever is left over can be put into storage for a while. Some people use the rule that if something is not brought out and used after a certain time it is not needed.

Be aware of how you feel in your home after a spring clean. Be sensitive to how you feel about life and whether you can take on challenges more easily in your feng shui refreshed rooms.

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