Flavours of Thought by Tom Evans “The Bookwright”

Flavours of Thought by Tom Evans – “The Bookwright”

This is a unique, insightful and thoroughly enjoyable read. If there is a more accessible way of accessing and understanding these issues then I have not, as yet, come across it.

Tom uses the analogy of recipes and ingredients to introduce us to thought components and how they influence our behaviour and general well being. The term “flavours” develops this methodology as he guides us through the respective construction of his own “recipes”. The method is simple but not simplistic; indeed he uses such accessible and light terminology that these complex issues become open to us in a way that I have never seen before.

Tom has opened up a perspective to our thoughts, emotions and behaviour that is compelling and inspiring. He has the ability to distil the essentials from these complex matters without in any way diluting their relevance or inter-relational aspects. In fact, it is the inter-relation of the “ingredients” and the subsequent “making recipes” that enhances the accessibility and enjoyment of the book. He makes it clear that these ingredients, thoughts and “flavours of thoughts”, are all our own to combine but Tom gives us a guide to their meaning and even provides us with a few easy-to-make “recipes” to get us going.

“It’s brilliant! I love the idea of thinking about thoughts in a
way that encourages my intuition, without embroiling me in
my intellect.”

The above quotation taken from the book is a typical and honest assessment.

He provides us with 21 recipes under the titles of “Strangeness”, “Charming” and “Direction” and constructs them into a various menus. How we can combine theses ingredients and introduce our own flavours is as personally flexible and creative as any traditional recipe book but so much more valuable and interesting. Personal understanding and development has never been so easy to access or simple to create a personal “solution”.

Flavours of Thought is thoroughly unique and enjoyable I will certainly be using this book time and again to follow the recipes that Tom has provided and to create some of my own. I recommend that you do the same whether you wish to address any specific issue that you may have or whether simply to improve the management of your own thoughts and life. It is truly an exciting approach to self awareness and development.


Even if you’re used to thinking outside the box, this book gives an added dimension to possibilities. I’ve read it front to back twice and get something different from it each time. I also use it to dip in and out of to explore where I am in situations, to determine what could be an alternative way of thinking about something. It’s been so helpful for making big and small decisions, as well as writing articles and blogs. Tom’s a master at taking a concept and pushing it … he’s done it simply and accessibly. Readers have no option but to wake up and taste differences in their lives in all manner of ways. My feeling is that readers of Flavours of Thoughts will contribute it as a turning point for many.

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  1. Thanks so much for your kind words Phil and looking forward to seeing your book very soon.

    I thought I’d let you know I’m using an interesting publishing service for this book called CompletelyNovel. As well as providing a brilliant print-on-demand service and upload to Kindle, iPhone and iPad, their philosophy is that in a bookshop, you can read books before buying them.

    Accordingly, the whole of Flavours of Thought is available to read free online here – http://www.completelynovel.com/books/114762/read-online

    Enjoy and savour …

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