Coach of the Month – Marion Graham

Marion Graham is a very different kind of coach.

In November of last year I heard Marion speak to an audience of some 300 women, most of them new to business. She had the audience hanging on her every word as she talked through the need to step into their personal power. While most like coaches talk about looking for the lfe you may have at some point in the future Marion’s mantra is to MAXIMISE YOUR MOMENT. She teaches that by being fully engaged in the present and making the most of every second and every opportunity you can live your life to the full.

How better to demonstrate that than in the photograph that Marion has let us print alongside her interview. Marion was challenged by a friend who was setting up a new business to take part in a Gok Wan style photoshoot to show that every woman is fabulous. I know that Marion was hesitant, and I’m pretty sure that I would have found a way to politely decline, but Marion chose to maximise her moment and the photograph is absolute proof that she is a coach that walks the walk not just talks the talk!

Here is Marions 60 second interview.

Are women making their mark in business?
Yes the climate is changing now as men and women stop battling for equality and start celebrating their differences .We need to learn what our strengths and unique abilities are as women first, then discover how to work well and compliment each other in mixed gender teams.

What is the biggest business decision you have had to make over the last year?
Big decision to take time out to develop & publish my first book “Soul Sisters” in April 2010. I had already launch a series of gender specific seminars branded “Limited Company”, “Soul Sister”, the women’s seminar launched in 2007 it aimed at encouraging women to put success centre stage. The book compliments the Soul Sisters Seminar and is a personal journal that covers life, work, family and fun! I promote reflection time in a structured way and invite my readers to “think in ink” noting their hope fears and future goals. Very rich learning experience, putting it down on paper!

Awards – ego trips for the bosses or are they good for companies?
Awards are wonderful to have; we all secretly want to be recognised for our efforts. I won The Quality Award for Scotland from The Prince’s Trust in 2002 for the successful development of a coaching programme that rolled across Scotland I was delighted. The Celebration Event meant I also had an excuse to buy a posh new frock and fabulous shoes!!

Emails – a blessing or a curse for business?

Blessing when you have your own business as they keep you connected with the rest of the world at a very low cost. You wouldn’t be hearing from me as often if there were no emails nor I from you, so a double bonus really!!

Corporate entertainment – a waste of money or can it bring in business?
Relaxed atmosphere, comfy seats, good food, lovely wine, soft music, opportunity to be yourself this is when most partnership working begins and business deals follow swiftly on. It need not cost the earth. Now where did that old fashioned idea that you can’t mix business and pleasure come from?

Favourite and least favourite part of your job?
Favourite part of my job is reviewing progress at the end of a day. The look of joy on delegates faces when they understand the personal power that they have linked to progress and success. Magic!!
My least favourite part is balancing the books, I am a true Leo and love to splash the cash on others as well as pampering myself but accounting is not my pleasure!

If money was no object what would you do/buy?
Take the gap year that I never had as a teenager and travel the world experiencing other cultures and customs. Support my favourite charities more.

What’s left for you to achieve?
I’m not even half way up my mountain yet! I want to “put the balance back into business!” I’d love to see my seminars delivered world wide and see the businesses I work with taking time to give something back or pay it forward by realising how amazingly fortunate they are to be successful and profitable. I want work forces to be positive when under pressure and stress to be banished!! I want people to live as well as work and I want people to have a gratitude attitude in Scotland.

Most amazing thing that’s happened to you?
Realising that life is all about “Maximising the moment” enjoying what you have and fully embracing each day. The other amazing thing is to see my daughters working in the world of theatre and loving what they do instead of settling for secure and sensible but not much fun!!

Best car ever driven?
Really not a best car person in true girly style the colour is more important to me; I like silver cars, the model, well not big on that one but prefer cars to have a name as opposed to a number like 206 or 307!!! Would like a sporty car before the joints seize up!

Favourite restaurant in Scotland?
I love the Witchery in Edinburgh so old and intimate and the service is wonderful but not too much. You almost feel as though you have stepped back in time

Worst habit?
Well I’m never going to tell you that am I …………….I constantly preach to others about accentuating the positive!! Ah-ha….perhaps that is it!

Best trait?
Now I bang on about this one…………………because I am Scottish I have had to train myself to say where I shine and what I am good at, it does not come naturally, my dad would have said “It’s no easy to blow yer ain trumpet!” Not that easy to say what we are good at. I hope my best trait is treating all people with the same respect and always looking for the good in others. Cheesy I know but true!!! I also don’t take myself too seriously!!

Why are you good at what you do?
I am good at what I do because I love it, love it, love it!!! How great is it to work with people on their belief systems and see them creating futures that they only dreamed of before they started being coached or trained. I bring learning to life by making it fun with music, short sharp reflection sessions and laughter all the way. I constantly read, research and pilot new ways to connect and communicate my sessions are alive energetic and interactive.

Most embarrassing moment?
Asking my sisters Doctor when her baby was due only to be kicked sharply and sent form the room…………..yes you guessed she did not walk what she talked on health and well being and clearly had ate too, too many pies!!! This memory keeps me pulling on the walking boots on a regular basis.

Training & Development Coach and Director of Soul Success Ltd

January 2011


Many life coaches tell us how to aspire to do more, live better and more fulfilled lives, but offer very little practical guidance in getting there. This book is different. Marion is a knowledgeable and compelling speaker and the power of her message MAXIMISE YOUR MOMENT is wonderfully conveyed in this book. It is an easy read, packed with activities to get you thinking about your life and how to maximise your potential, and a book that you can come back to for a quick “energy boost” at those tricky moments when work-life balance gets un-balanced!

6 Comments on Coach of the Month – Marion Graham

  1. Marion you look wonderful and just reading this article is uplifting and positive. Colin x

  2. I have met this woman and she is truly inspirational. Her book gives confidence in a practicle but non-patronising way. Well done Marion.

  3. Marion is the most fantastic and realistic person you will ever meet. Her book is inspirational and a must buy!!! Can’t wait for book number 2 Marion x

    • Stewart mcfarlane // March 1, 2011 at 12:41 pm // Reply

      I have met marion a good few time’s on my pathway in life,she is such a warm uplifting great human being who,s soul really does shine through with connecting and listening to people,so glad i’ve met her.

  4. From the first moment you meet Marion you know you have made a friend for life.
    She truly is a shining star

  5. Congrats Marion! Fabulous article! I still have my signed copy f soul sisters from you last year. Obviously that will now be touted on ebay at an inflated cost 🙂

    Only Kidding!


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