Sonias Alternative to Beating The New Year’s Resolution Blues….

Why do people keep making New Year’s resolutions like a relapsing crack addict year after year, when the evidence, statistics and soothsayers keep telling us that we are going to fail? It is just another broken promise because over 90% of the diehard New Year Resolution brigade will never lose any weight after joining that exclusive gym or fat club; give up smoking when the government give us a free nicotine patch or sign up for that self development course we had our eye on for the umpteenth year. Yes, it sounded great over copious glasses of wine or when we shared this with cult like enthusiasm and chants to our enlightened soul mates; but the reality of the situation is what sounds great in the mind, is a completely different ball game when you have to turn that said dream into reality!

Anyone looking at their track record of broken promises for achieving greater abundance in their finances, careers and relationships will understand that from the minute they uttered those New Year’s resolutions they didn’t follow through for one reason or another. Whether it was procrastination, lack of finances, negative habits or pure and simple laziness, it certainly does not give great encouragement to set and go after the same revamped goals in 2011 and expect a different outcome using the same lacklustre strategy.

Don’t worry; there is a solution if you are committed to achieving success and abundance in your life. No man is an island, so you don’t have to go it alone in 2011.

Sistatalk will help you create something new in your life by taking the first steps to changing the habits and behaviours that stop you from realistically achieving the things that are important to you. We all know New Year’s Resolutions don’t work for the majority of people so this programme has been designed to help women navigate the challenges and pitfalls that stop them achieving their life’s vision and goals. With only 10% of people who set New Year’s resolutions taking the necessary action to see their dreams manifest in their life, it makes sense for women to work with a team of professionals who will give them the inspiration, tools and techniques to take their life to the next level.

This dynamic step by step programme is delivered through monthly meetings where women will learn, network, mastermind and more importantly, feel empowered to take action, grow and continually transform themselves personally, at work and in business. Each month our highly experienced coaches and experts will focuses on a new area of your life to help you:

* Develop structure and direction in your life

* Let go of limiting thoughts and behaviours that stop you living life with confidence, peace and joy

* Find greater focus and clarity to make your goals happen faster and in the shortest possible time

Whether it’s sticking to a healthier eating plan; implementing a regular exercise regime; giving up negative addictions; earning more money; starting that course or business you always wanted or simply bringing more peace into your relationships; not all of us have the motivation and discipline that is required to change the habits that bring about positive change or improvement in our life. So for those, who need support to ensure that their aspirations are not thwarted at the first hurdle, it’s time to get focussed and clear as you become the person you most want to be.

Sistatalk has developed an amazing success programme aimed at helping women stay on track to reach their goals. We understand that life throws many curve balls but this programme has been designed to help you review your progress and performance as well as keeping you accountable so that when you feel overwhelmed and disheartened we keep you motivated and on track. Without setting realistic and time bound goals, you will not achieve maximum results thus reducing your confidence and ability to get the best out of your life.

Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of women who have great ideas but lack the discipline to formalise their goals and take action for their success. Women are far too apologetic about their intelligence, brilliance and innovative approach to dealing with the challenges that life has thrown their way. They are too busy finding people to help rather than focusing on creating a more fulfilling and richer life. So I took my business support back to basics and asked them to tell me in plain English “what do you want?”

Throughout 2010, the Sistatalk Motivational Workshops provided the perfect forum for women from all backgrounds to come together under one roof, irrespective of their business sector, academic qualifications or career aspirations. Under the direction of specially invited coaches, attendees were able to set and work on goals based on what was important to them which took into account their own values, beliefs and experiences. It was amazing when we stripped them bare of expectations, demands and the binds of unfilled dreams to set goals based on what they wanted!

So for 2011, we developed this workshop further when we realised that women wanted a regular programme that addressed the core areas of their life in order for them to shine. Women acknowledged that they could not run a successful business if they were not taking care of their health or nurturing relationships that were important to them. So we had to find a way for them to address these issues without it becoming heavily financed and time resourced.

No matter how well meaning your intentions it’s never been easier to design and live the life you know that you really want. So don’t hesitate to make this affordable investment in a future that promises to boost your career, business and personal life. Book now, there is no fear of not achieving your goals if you decide to work with Sistatalk. By working together, there is no better way to get the support you need in order to exceed expectations and evolve in your personal, professional and business life. This amazing Success Programme will keep you on track, help you take action and more importantly, keep you motivated to achieve the life of your dreams!

The Sistatalk Success Programme kicks off on Wednesday 26th January 2011 at the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury. This month’s workshop will be facilitated by Patricia Benjamin (Capital Life Coaching) who will help women to rediscover their fabulousness; and supported by the dynamic and highly acclaimed author, fitness expert and passionate advocate for total health expert, Jacqueline Harvey. Both these extraordinary women will ensure that you get all the support, help and tools for to beat the odds of achieving their goals in 2011

Call 0845 467 1148 or email to join us on this life changing journey.

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