Well, What a triumph!

I ended last month’s column with the words,

Last year at the end of the (fashion) show (when I must admit to being elated but utterly drained) they(our 49 models) were begging me to include them again this year! My aim will be for a repeat this year. Watch this space…

Well, what a triumph our fashion show was once again. It would seem likely that our fashion show will have over 50 models next year. Everyone wants to do it again. Our confidence building workshop in the afternoon – led by top model Anna Freemantle – boosted their confidence on the catwalk so much. Their faces were splitting with smiles as they walked the walk. How proud I was of each and every one.

And this leads me to talk about me and technology. We had the show filmed and photographed. Three professional photographers and a cameraman offered their services free. I now have in my possession hundreds of photos and three films of the show. With help I managed to get one of the film clips onto Youtube. http://bit.ly/eLlUOh

The photos – well some of them are on Facebook but most of them are sitting on my Mac still! My other major task for this snowbound week is to get a full album of them onto Flickr. It’s not that I can’t do it. It’s that it is so time-consuming. While I love the fact that you can now share photos with people in all parts of the globe without leaving your home or office I do miss the old-fashioned photo albums.

Having said that, I love all forms of new technology – I watch the Gadget Show every week with my oldest grandson and am constantly disappointed when I don’t win the huge haul of gadgets and techie stuff they offer in their weekly competition! What I could do with that Wii fit or this amazing iron or that 72″ tv….I don’t think so!

It was a conscious decision of mine when I started the charity to be a modern one. To join the social media sites, engage with Youtube, Flickr, to blog and make our website stand out. It’s a constant work in progress! There is always something new and so many websites out there are amazing. Remember, ours is a charity with no staff costs, expenses and certainly no budget for website design and upkeep. I am lucky enough to have a website designer willing to donate his time to help us and all I have to do is provide content. That also means I have to learn to film because said website designer emphasizes the importance of all media- just bought a little video camera I can keep in my handbag – you never know when you might need it!

Like many of you I am snow bound today – it’s definitely the deepest snow I can every remember seeing here in Edinburgh. I took the opportunity to do my first bit of filming and uploading. It’s a minute long film of my front garden and I am actually very proud of it (it’s here if you want to see it! – http://bit.ly/g0gErH

My wonderful husband bought me a MAC earlier this year. I was resistant to change and cursed it for weeks as I learnt its different ways. Now? You couldn’t part me from it for all the tea in China. I love it. I have been on several courses and want to learn more and more in 2011 including more about editing photos and videos.

Being married to a project manager whose idea of bedtime reading is trade magazines for all kinds of new technology and innovation our house has its fair share of gadgets. Even our kettle has been replaced by a more energy efficient tap (yes, it is amazing but I do miss ‘going to put the kettle on’).

All this technology is simply outstanding and innovative and indeed our lives would be somewhat worse off without it all (after all I daily bless the person who invented the washing machine) but sometimes it makes life less personal. The women who were in the washhouse had a harder time than us with laundry but they had a sense of community that I think we have lost.

As always there are pros and cons for every topic of discussion.

Thanks to innovative technology I can talk face to face on Christmas day with relatives in Australia. That is pretty cool!

May I take this chance to say to you all to have a very happy Christmas.

I already have all I could wish for with a great family and good health and plan only to make 2011 the year that It’s Good 2 Give really makes its mark on the East of Scotland.

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