Soul Sisters

the3rdimagazine book review – Soul Sisters by Marion Graham

I heard Marion Graham speak to an audience of some 300 women, most of them new to business. She had the audience hanging on her every word as she talked through the need to step into their personal power. When Marions said that she had designed specific coaching programmes for men and for women and that she had written a book to support the latter, it was clear which book we would review this month.

Soul Sisters, as stated in its own preface, ‘aims to empower women and enlighten men‘.

The introduction sets the tone when she states, “It is my firm belief that women can achieve more if they work together and support and encourage each other, leaving behind the need to judge and measure who is smartest, slimmest, richest and most attractive”.

Sentiments like that I can certainly fully endorse.

The book starts, where else, with CONFIDENCE. I particularly liked, “putting your best self forward, means choosing your attitude for the day as well as your outfit”.

Next, motivation. Your USP, creativity, value, happiness and finishing with success. Each section asks you to think about what the terms mean to you and how, if at all, you need to change in order to live the life that you want. Having addressed the key areas that lead to success, the book turns to things that can hold us back – the baggage that we all carry to a greater or lesser degree; stress, negativity, worries and gives a really helpful list of things that we can do to let go of these burdens.

The book then moves onto “what do women want?” This is almost half way through and I cannot help but feel that this would have been a better place to start. Deciding what you want and what is important to you before working on the confidence and the changes that you need to make to take you there.

That said, it is a really interesting look at BALANCE in one’s work; what it is and how to get it.

I confess to being a little perplexed at being given a list of areas such as eleven areas, such as family, friends, recreation from which to choose eight to create my circle of life. What happens to the other three? Are not the ones that we dismiss out of hand just as likely, if not more likely, to be the areas that need attention in order to achieve real balance?

The idea of creating your own circle of life does appeal though and, with modification to include the 20 things that I want to balance, it is one that I will use again.

The sections on making a start towards a new life, maximising your moment and dreaming the dream will kickstart most people into actually putting into practice the lessons learned in the book and this is the real value.

Many life coaches tell us how to aspire to do more, live better and more fulfilled lives, but offer very little practical guidance in getting there and the fact that Marion finished with an account of her journey to show that it is possible to make change and to grow into the life that you want is a fitting conclusion.


Many life coaches tell us how to aspire to do more, live better and more fulfilled lives, but offer very little practical guidance in getting there. This book is different. Marion is a knowledgeable and compelling speaker and the power of her message MAXIMISE YOUR MOMENT is wonderfully conveyed in this book. It is an easy read, packed with activities to get you thinking about your life and how to maximise your potential, and a book that you can come back to for a quick “energy boost” at those tricky moments when work-life balance gets un-balanced!

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