PART 15. Money never sleeps and neither does time.

This month I’m focussing on the asset of TIME! A very expensive commodity…and one we sometimes forget to measure.

Woweeee it was thanksgiving last week. I know it is generally the Americans who celebrate but I like the fact they take time out to be ‘thankful’. Why not?! What are you most grateful for this year? This fest also signifies the arrival of the Christmas build up!

I am looking forward to Christmas in the sun with the inlaws and it’s our daughters first one too! She is already 8 months old!! Where is time going?

I met an interesting, nice business man from Bath on train from Paddington, London earlier this year who said that once you have kids there is a marker in the sand and your life becomes signposted by their ages and events. It’s so true!

The older I get the faster time is going or is it just me? So I want to ensure that I am spending my time in the wisest way possible. My biggest challenge is I love what I do. So time slips past and some days I don’t get to the pool or the beach and it’s only when I’m driving I see the palm trees and go ‘Wowee I haven’t looked at the sky today!!‘ Its crazy, so I am daily taking time out to see the sunrise or sunset and stare at the sky for a bit. Try it!

This is a great month to reflect on what you have, and most importantly WHO you want to spend your time with (always a big decision for New Year too!) Once you have ‘the money thing’ sorted – it comes down to how you invest your time, your love and your spirit.

So my questions to you are:

* How are you marking YOUR time?
* What times would you have changed if you could this year?
* What ‘times’ do you remember most vividly this year?
* Who became most important to you this year?
* Who do you want to spend more time with?
* What 3 things can you do next year to maximise your precious time?

Enjoy the holiday season, count your blessings, be HAPPY!

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