Are you interested or are you committed?

The Secret
A young man called John got in with a bad crowd and was doing some bad stuff. His life was headed somewhere not so great. I know many Johns, do you? I’ve helped many young Johns in my time through my project World Change Agents. What pulled this particular John forward was an opportunity to work with and for a successful mentor who owned a big real estate company in Canada. In deciding whether or not to employ John for the job he’d advertised, the man who was to become his mentor asked him:

“John, are you interested, or are you committed?”

John said that question changed the whole course of his life. John Asseraf went on to become a billionaire, and starred in the movie ‘The Secret‘.

The Mentor
I was lucky enough to get to work with the very gorgeous John this year in San Diego. And I really got the fact that there truly is a big difference between being interested and being committed. When you really commit to something it’s like something major moves with you. Like the energy of commitment shifts the energy in the universe to wholly support your path. Focus shifts, energy shifts, and actions become aligned to what you are committed to. Things happen and you create a destiny that might otherwise never have been realized.

All my life I have sought out mentors and I have worked with and been mentored by some of the world’s greatest teachers. I have apprenticed the very best and woven together a unique mix of influences with my personality, values, professional and personal intelligence, and a lifetime of experience and business and personal successes.

I have enjoyed mentoring many people over the years. But this year, I’ve committed to mentoring in a bigger way. This year I’ve been thrilled to be mentoring people with big missions and big visions. I love helping them commit to their dream, their vision, their big mission, so that they live their best life, and the world changes in the right way because they have lived, and they’ve dared to make their big vision a big reality on this beautiful blue planet.

One of the gifts I’ve been able to share with them is that they will not achieve, or earn, higher than the beliefs they have about themselves and their self-image. The external world usually maps onto your internal world and life becomes your self-fulfilling prophecy.

The metamorphosis experienced by my clients in my mentoring programmes and my trainings are glorious to witness – resistance is futile! I think in truth the process is a simple one. I align them with their highest and best self, the self they truly are, not the small self they sometimes get locked into playing.

Professor Candace Pert, another great I’ve trained with, likens this to multiple personalities. Like sometimes we wear (and it wears us out!) our small self personality, our not-good-enough-ness. Knowing that, you are doing that, and being able to shift it, are two very different things. And I know how to shift it, do you?

Fragmentation vs Coherence
Be very clear that your unconscious mind runs the show! It’s never the conscious mind. Sometimes there’s an internal conflict going on which leads to a fragmentation of energy, and a lack of coherence pattern that locks you out of alignment. Do you win that inner game?

The secret of all the Masters is the secret of coherence, running a coherence pattern. They are aligned.

And thus it is with the difference between being interested and being committed. Fragmentation vs coherence. The results are very different. Although many people seem to have lost faith in ‘The Secret‘, which is really just the Law of Attraction/Law of Resonance, what they don’t realize is that usually they are not truly focusing on what it is they want. There’s a very thin layer of aligning with their greatness and their vision, thinking thoughts that are aligned to that higher truth, envisioning what they want to have happen instead of what they don’t. And underneath that thin layer is a great big abyss of negativity, lack of self-belief, a poor self-image, and a focus on a future they don’t want to have happen.

And so it is. We get what we focus on. Focus is key. Focus is also Ki/Chi/Prana/Energy. Our state vibrates at the frequency of our thoughts, and our life and business results flow from that too, along with the actions we take. Actions need to be aligned in the right way, with the right focus.

I get people committed. Not to the insane asylum � yet! But to a whole better future, and to a fuller self-belief, self-acceptance, and bigger vision that is the pivotal foundation that all of life flows from. And I get them aligned. And then I help them strategise forward from there with proven ways of creating and amplifying the success and happiness they long for.

I create coherence patterns on the inside and on the outside. I create alignment. I release the genie in your genius. Genuinely!

And it is truly a privilege and an honour to do this work and to help my clients get extraordinary results in their one wild and precious lives.

So before I leave you to enjoy moving graciously towards your making this Christmas memorable for all the right reasons, and before you look forward to the start of a whole new year bright and beaming with infinite possibilities, let me ask you the question again with the right momentum – Are you interested, or are you committed to 2011 being your best year yet!

If the answer is a resounding ‘YES!’ then pick up the phone and give me a call because I want to talk to you! As with John, I hope the answer to that question changes the whole course of your life, for the better.

Until then ….

Sending you and your family love and many blessings for Christmas & New Year

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