November Photodiary – A Blessed Samhain to all

I write this on the last day of October – All Hallow’s Eve, Hallowe’en or back to Celtic times – Samahin – the Celtic New Year – the celebration of harvest brought in safe and the end of that year of production – a new year leading into winter. Or that is as I understand it. There are of course so many stories around this this time from all over the world. I’ll stick with my Scottish/Celtic routes of it being a time to remember our lost souls and celebrate new life to come.A burning of fires and bringing light into our homes for winter. I thought, as I wrote…I should get my facts right so did a little research on the subject to ensure I didn’t pass on my own misconceptions to you all.

After much reading of different site, I decided I would simply pass on my own misconceptions after all; I had discovered a rats nest of disagreement and belief where no tow sites agreed on anything very much. So I will keep my own personal beliefs and pass them on to you – right or wrong! I grew up going out Guising every Hallow’en. I loved the night and used to spend weeks preparing a costume and learning a poem to state – given that I was a painfully shy child it might seems odd that I was so keen to go and do something involving such ‘performance’ but the lure of bagfulls of sweets and fruit which would keep me going for days was too much. My Mother did not believe in feeding such treats and the pull was strong.

Sadly I was hopeless at memorising lines and always ended up with a sheet of paper…which I invariably lost by the second house! IThen we had never heard of pumpkins or ‘Trick or Treat’ – I’m afraid to this day I refuse to accept this approach at my door…they are told I feed Guisers but Trick or Treaters are only welcome in the USA…even if it’s only a very bad joke they tell I still feel working for their treat is preferable to the new ways smothering our own traditions. These lantern are where I go with the new tradition…anyone who has ever tried making a lantern out of the more traditional ‘neep’ (swede) will no exactly why I accept this one!

Another month gone, they get faster and faster; or perhaps I just seem to get busier. Another month with all the usual ups and downs of Crieff life. I’ve spent the month getting used to not having my daughter around now she’s gone to University. The house is very quiet and a feel we rattle a little. Strange how one person can fill space more than others, my duaghter is always up to something and never stops talking or singing and just generally making noise and filling a space with vitality. I find I miss her a lot but have been so busy, so can adjust comfortably.

Next week she will be 18, how did that happen I wonder, how did I become the mother of a grown up person? It’s a very strange feeling, but she stays in touch and makes me feel very much still needed and relied upon – no; no demands for financial bailing as yet. I’m hugely proud of her and her brother as we move into this whole new stage of our lives. The little dog here is Tay, you all see so much of the monster puppy little Tay has been left out…and she’s my daughter’s dog so is feeling a little lost of late. She’s 4 years old and was a rescue puppy from the SSPCA, the sweetest most loving dog who performs lots of clever tricks my daughter has taught her. She also suffers being the ridgeback’s plaything so really has had a hard time…a photo session for her was overdue

Fireworks – another bone of contention in our modern world. The time is here again now and I have to confess I love them, this particular passion doesn’t sit well with my other passion for animals however. So many are terrified of them and this year I have two new incumbents with unknown reactions. Zuva the ridgeback can be sheltered indoors and protected, but Professer Boe the horse cannot. He could go in a stable of course but a panic stricken horse is more likely to be injured in a stable than loose in a field. Now I watch the displays over the Crieff skies with mixed feelings, I love to see it, but can’t help worry about my poor horse and how he is coping.

Life is never simple! Please everyone when you plan parties with fireworks think about your own and neighbours pets, warn neighbours so they know to keep their pets in and if you live in the country…think about any stock or horses in nearby fields. Then have a ball and enjoy the show! This shot was a once in a lifetime oppertunity, my house had scaffolding all around it and the nearby park hold an annual fireworks display…so how could I resist? Yes; I climbed out my bedroom window and stood on the 3 story high scaffold and took photos of the display. I don’t like heights as a rule, it was frosty and slippy – but I would never have forgiven myself if i hadn’t done it!

The last week has seen me immersed in cup cakes, yes really…cup cakes! The life of the photographer holds no limits and this time it was product shoot for cupcakes. They are the most wonderful cakes and I enjoyed the samples i felt obliged to test…in the name of my art of course! The lady who makes these wonderful confections is a perfectionist who puts her heart and soul into these cakes, every one is produced to exacting standards and uses the best of ingredients. Watching this lady work was an education, I wish her every success in her business venture. The hard thing was trying to decide which one to show you from the 24 choices…impossible of course. So I’ve gone for a little group…in case you get hungry!

All best wishes for luck and love in November

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