Janey’s View of Women’s Confidence

I am horrified at this generation’s obsession with the glut of women’s magazines that concentrate on highlighting the flaws in celebrities. Especially the female celebs, I am sick to the back teeth of looking at close ups of Victoria Beckham’s acne, Shakira’s cellulite and a woman from EastEnders who hasn’t lost her baby weight three weeks after her child’s birth.

I am more annoyed that Mrs Beckham starves herself, am gutted that Shakira can’t sing and I don’t watch EastEnders!

These magazines are on the rise and its young women who buy them to stare and judge other women’s flaws. Is that who we have become? Do these young girls know what our mothers and grandmothers went through for choice and change?

Men don’t walk into a bar and say “that women needs to blend her make up more”…. other women do that to each other. Men don’t judge women as harshly as women do; low self esteem is a woman on woman hate crime that is on the rise. Very rarely do women congratulate each other on their achievements; women don’t tell each other they look beautiful.

Men don’t ever meet up and start comparing muffin tops, debate each others flaws or tell each other they need to dress in a certain way and I think we can learn from that.

I raised a daughter and tried hard to make her believe she is a beautiful intelligent woman, yet she still feels she is fatally flawed beyond redemption and this affects her self esteem.

Is being so skinny the desired look? Would these skinny, vapid, vain celebs that starve themselves look at the prisoners in a Belsen death camp and admire the collar bones and emaciated ribcage of the women who were saved?

It’s a horrific analogy isn’t it but where does it end?

Self esteem is all about inner confidence, and I know how fragile that can be. I still look at videos of myself and think “when did I get so fat?” “Look at my double chin” and ignore the fact I am being presented with a comedy award in the footage.

Young women and men need to value their own worth; people need to be congratulated for their achievements and not their BMI, perfect symmetrical face or big breasts.

There is no answer to the problem of low self esteem, especially when TV shows do extreme make over shows on ordinary women who go under invasive surgery to make them feel better.

Confidence is the only key, to believe in who you are and what you contribute to your own family, community and society. Being skinny and beautiful doesn’t make you a perfect person, it makes you A person.

Let’s start by encouraging our young girls to stop reading trashy mags that solely focus on women’s flaws and get them into some positive attitudes by constantly backing up their own self belief.
It might just work!

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