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There are many approaches to confidence building. Some build from within, others by reaching out to wider society. Gillian Potter is an Astrologer and Archetypal Consultant who has trained with many fine teachers.

As a coach Gill offers the keys to unlock your ‘Sacred Purpose‘ by understanding your archetypes and astrological signature.

This month Gillian shares her own very personal journey through periods of illness and self-doubt. She shares her experience of building her own self-esteem and confidence by initially focussing her energies inward before using her experience to help her heal others.


Yes it’s a line from a Shania Twain song and how true those words are. The finding of your self-esteem is the difficult part especially if you’ve been lacking in that department or had it severely bruised in the past. Most people aren’t born with a healthy sense of self esteem. As Caroline Myss puts it we each have to go on a journey of self empowerment and claim it. It’s experiential taking on your own fears and inhibitions and aligning with your faith. Faith and confidence are what you come to know and rely upon when you do honour this journey and trust that it’s a vital part of becoming who you truly are- Divine sparks inside a human body!

My own story may be of help here in helping you to uncover some blind spots.
I was born, the second child to my parents and although I felt loved and nurtured -in many ways I also felt I was just meant to slot in and never truly shine. My Sister was very clever and all of my early life I was made aware of this fact -so much that I often felt pretty stupid in comparison. I wasn’t of course but it’s just that comparisons often cause us to feel that way and when you hear it often enough it you believe it. So rather than compete I decided I was going to be a Nurse. I liked to help people and it seemed that perhaps a vocation was more in alignment than that of an academic. Plus everyone seemed to appreciate nurses and it was encouraged by my family so my decision was made! My other dream was to be an astrologer though I had no idea how one became an “astrologer” There was no real encouragement to this dream and it was more of a privately held one that I kept close to my heart!

Any way the long and the short of it is that I became a Nurse and qualified fairly easily, finding it a reasonably satisfying career though I did wonder at all the suffering that I encountered. I also went on to do classes in astrology in 1988 after a series of serendipitous events led me to the Theosophical society in the West end of Glasgow.

Astrology woke me up to my potential and gave me new insights about my life, my purpose and the World around me! It removed the blinkers I had and began to confirm a lot of what I felt to be true but had no way of proving. It was the start of my hero’s journey and as you may know often this is accompanied by a sense of calling. So I heard the call and followed it. At the same time I became ill with a peculiar set of symptoms that seemed to originate from receiving a hepatitis B injection while training at Yorkhill to be a Sick childrens’ Nurse. I was eventually diagnosed with M.E. and that was the next step of my journey to discover who I was- as in the real ME that was under the M.E.

M.E. is a devastating illness, not a pleasant experience and one that took a long time to confront and overcome. Anyone who has suffered will know what I’m talking about here. I was controlled by my fears and the symptoms it caused in my body and mind. It’s a very holistic illness- yes just a joke but it kind of takes over your life and leaves one feeling self absorbed and not much fun to be around!

Anyway with chart in hand and insights from my soul centred astrology teacher in Dundee I started to piece together my life and search for further clues to my purpose. I felt sure having M.E. couldn’t be my purpose so what was it?

I studied all manner of holistic therapies from homeopathy to herbalism to “you name it”- I tried it! And then I came upon Louise Hay’s book ‘You can heal your life‘. Here at last was the antidote- a simple case of loving myself and all would be well! So I immersed myself in it and did all the exercises, began to journal extensively and self care became my maxim. I stopped saying YES and began to practice NO for a change. I started to honour my own path and let go of others opinions. I began to meditate and visualise and write affirmations. I opened my heart to possibilities, read everything I could get my hands on pertaining to my path and forgave those who had harmed me deliberately or unconsciously without meaning to.

I forgave myself! And I asked for forgiveness from those I had misjudged too!

My health improved a bit and I spent a small fortune on various therapies, pills and potions to support it. And finally I surrendered to the greatness within me- the Divine spark which we all have and asked to know God’s Will for my life. And after a dark night of the Soul experience I had a major breakthrough!!

I had a Kundalini awakening in 1998 -10 years after becoming ill. It’s kind of like a supercharged clearance of your chakras and is the most amazing experience I have EVER had- I have to say!

After that it was pretty much full steam ahead to seek out all the barriers that lay between my fragile ego and healthy sense of self esteem. The hidden pieces of my jigsaw puzzle began to emerge. It became obvious that a lot of my purpose was around clearing my family’s shame and karma and knowing that my very flaws were actually what made me truly human. I gently gathered up each piece and placed it into it’s new home and the true picture emerged of a little girl who was much more aware of what was really going on in the inner worlds and who feared speaking the truth out of loyalty to family! A little girl who feared the consequences of telling her truth, who buried unpleasant memories and did her best to make everyone else happy by keeping quiet and wishing for peace and who then paid a very high price in return- the price being my health and self esteem!

Now, many years on and much healthier I have trained to be a coach, have become a Master Practitioner in NLP and even went to Chicago last year to study Sacred Contracts with one of the greatest mentors and teachers this planet has ever produced – Caroline Myss! I am now an Archetypal Consultant trained at CMED! I am also part of Bernadette Doyle’s exclusive LEAP programme and am surrounded by millionaires in business, give coaching, webinar classes, Sacred Purpose readings and support to those who want to align with their highest potential and be free of all their baggage too!

In fact I’m off to a 5 star resort at Lough Erne next month to experience the magic of this amazing group of dynamic people led by Bernadette! After all we are nearing 2012 and it’s time to heal the split on all levels-we are all ONE!!

It’s been a long journey and sometimes it feels like it’s only just begun! The real me that was trapped in there is gradually being released and allowed to shine and help others who have been trampled on too, who never had the courage to break the silence and speak up for what truly matters- Love, respect, truth and honour of oneself- which allows all else to follow! I am living my dreams now and nothing and no-one will ever stop me ever again!

Trust and faith guide us to build our self esteem and to start living the dreams that are buried under the carcass of an old sense of identity!

So do yourself a favour and start listening to the only person who really matters- YOU!

Only YOU have the power to change your life and live your dreams. It starts with telling the truth to yourself and making decisions that honour your truth!

I can support you when you say YES to that-so If you’d like to Discover the REAL YOU & make your dreams come true too then contact me at for a free Discovery consultation.

Or check out new ways to unlock your dreams at my blog Thank you!

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