Feng Shui Water Features

The human body is essentially made of water and the energy of the water inside your body has a similar energetic frequency to any water nearby making it possible to create a powerful connection between the two. If the energy of the water outside your body is pure and clear it can help improve the quality of the energy of the water inside your body.

People have traditionally gone to the sea, spas, or springs to heal and recover from illness. This practice gives credence to the feng shui principle that immersing ourselves in the energy of fresh, clean water has a restorative, healing influence. Any drop of water we use may have been through oceans, clouds, mountains, grasslands, streams and rivers to get to us. In this sense the water acquires the energy of much of the planet.

We can add more of this water energy to our homes and gardens. Not only could it help feel more healthy but a water feature inside a room or enclosed part of a garden will change the atmosphere. In addition a moving water feature has the practical advantage of producing a multi frequency, white sound that can mute some of the frequencies of other unwanted noises. A large fountain will also clean dust from the air and introduce more positive ions into the atmosphere. All this combines to make a room with a water feature feel tranquil, fresh and healthy.

You can bring water features into your home by adding small indoor waterfalls, fountains, aquariums, or a simple bowl of fresh water refilled daily. If you decide to try an aquarium it is important to ensure you set it up and look after it in a way that keeps the fish healthy.

Ideally a water feature would be sited in a sunny part of your home so the sun energises the water. In feng shui a water feature is often placed in the east or south-east parts of a home so the water will be energised by the rising sun in the morning. Seek specialist advice for the placement of aquariums.

You can make your own water feature is you prefer something unique. Buy a large glass, metal or ceramic container, an electric water feature pump and decorative items such as large stones.

Place the pump in the container so that the output pipe is above the proposed water level and arrange the stones so they hide the pump and provide an attractive form for the water to run across. You can also introduce driftwood, crystal or pieces of glass. Plug in and switch on the pump. Play around with the water pump and stones until it makes the sound you find most calming. Add appropriate plants and lilies to your water feature if desired.

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