Coach of the Month – Adele Hartshorn

Regular readers will remember that we featured Adele a few months ago. Since then her career as Health and Fitness Coach has taken a significant leap forward, if you pardon the pun!

“I was first a beauty therapist which gave me my early insights into women in terms of their confidence. I got my first taste then of ‘the feel good factor’ when it came to making women LOOK good” but Adele has developed herself and her methods even further since we last spoke.

Adele has personally tried many fad and fashion diets that proclaimed panacea-type results. “I did sports nutrition with my personal training course; however it didn’t really resonate with me. It was solely based around managing carbohydrate intake and when I followed the programme I actually put on weight, felt sluggish and bulky.”

“The program and method that really did resonate with me was the intensive healing program at The Optimum Health Institute in San Diego; it was a programme which was focused on the body’s natural ways of healing when you manage the digestion process more directly. The food intake program is based on juice fasting, raw organic foods, detoxification and elimination. I witnessed people healing themselves from terminal disease from changing both their eating habits and their thought processes.”

“Over the last few months I have been preparing and delivering juice and raw food meals to clients in the North West of England. I love doing this for my clients but because of the increasing number of customers I’m about to get a catering company involved to expand to larger scale. They will prepare my receipes and deliver them directly. I monitor their health and weight through the program and have seen some amazing results so far; they ALL have boundless energy by the end of the programme, ALL HAVE RADIENT SKIN, ALL have brighter shinny eyes. The results have been SO positive that it has actually been my clients suggestions that I develop this part of my business so I can literally ‘ignite’ not just weight loss, as this is a by product of any de-tox, juicing programme, but it literally wakes people up to intuitively listening to their bodies, thoughts and feelings. I have also developed a maintenance package.”

Other sources of knowledge and inspiration have been Brian Clements, the owner of the Hypocrites Healing Institute in Florida and more recently Jason Vale; in fact Adele worked on a ‘juice retreat‘ earlier this year.

“I attended the course in a support role. I wanted to learn about their program myself as well as add some support and value to them and their customers. The program consisted of fruit juice meals, 4 times daily and a varied exercise program. I was involved more in the exercise elements but very much aware of the dietary and detox side too. The retreat was lovely, in the mountains of Turkey. It was a tremendous experience and all of the clients experienced great benefits; some losing up to 3kg in the week! It really inspired me to greater things. One day I will have my own retreats I am sure – I already have some variations and additions that I would add as part of the program. I hope to be running my own luxury retreats which will be held in a luxury villa in Spain, consisting of juices, alternative therapies, pilates and yoga.”

Adele’s commitments to a healthier lifestyle do not end there! She is now supporting her physical fitness programs with mind and spirit techniques. It was yoga that first gave her some insight into the power of the mind and it’s capacity to influence how we look and feel.

“The yoga training included much of the history and philosophy of yoga which helped me to understand more about my own beliefs and spirituality. It is amazing just fabulous and powerful the mind really is. It has an awesome ability to heal itself and the body” She was hugely inspired to develop this area of herself and her coaching when she read about Pat Reeves.

“She effectively cured herself from a brain tumour using powerful mind management techniques and an absolute commitment to raw food. She is now 67 years old, and has cured herself from bone cancer osteoporosis and various other crazy things! I have also attended raw food days and worked with her personally. She.looks fantastic and in prime health. In fact she is world champion power lifter and is an inspiration to me”.

Her book is called A Living Miracle and Adele recommends it to anyone looking for inspiration and a wonderful role model.

Adele wants to develop this mind element more directly into her programs and so teamed up with Warren Adams and Phil Birch to deliver workshops, seminars and coaching sessions under the “Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living” banner. The team intend to deliver health of mind and body programs across the country.

“People are really not aware of what their thoughts are doing on a daily basis to their energy and, on a bigger scale, their health. Although this part of my business is relatively new, I feel like this is what I have been training all my life to do. I feel that I was even born into my family and learn all of these precious lessons in order for me to have that compassion and understanding to help other people.” Says Warren. “I want as many people as possible to reach and maintain their personal and health goals; perfect health is our birth right and it is about time that we took responsibilty and created our ideal body-weight and energy levels for ourselves.” added Adele

Adele supported Warren’s intent with her typically infectious brand of enthusiasm.

“I know that I was born to share health and happiness and this is a brilliant way to do both” said Adele. “We want to share this message, and method, with as many people as possible.”

“I am offering a 10% discount for a package or service booked by a subscriber to the the 3rdi magazine!” “I am creating a ‘one stop shop’ so that my clients can come to me for everything; firstly getting them to drop a dress size in a week, for example, then taking some personal yoga/pilates tuition and coaching as well, personalising each programme as a bespoke top of the range plan. My detox package is literally like having a retreat from home for those who can not spare the time to go away to do it. ”

You can find more about Adele’s program on her website or get details of the next Ancient Wisdom seminar by contacting Phil through this magazine. The next workshop day is scheduled for the end of October; final details will be announced shortly.

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