Wardrobe Auditing

Sally Inkster

Sally Inkster

As this month’s topic is working from home – this is an ideal activity to do when you’re meant to be doing something else. That time when you sit down at the computer and not feeling very motivated – well commence this task and then pop back to it at regular interval during the day. Not that you need an excuse for taking if you’re anything like me!!!!

How many of you in this last week of great weather had to empty lots of drawers and look at the back of the wardrobe to find those shorts? And now have most of your wardrobe on the floor rather in the cupboard – well that might be more of a description of my 3 teenage daughters’ rooms’ (you don’t want to know – but I’m sure you can imagine!)

The psychological impact of having a wardrobe in a mess, higgledy piggledy, and unsorted is really quite phenomenal.
It’s disheartening
It’s confusing
It can be that closing the door quickly so that stuff doesn’t fall out is a metaphor to how we are feeling and our emotions, that if we don’t look to closely at them and we shut the door hoping that they’ll just stay there out of sight and out of mind, but one day the whole lot is going to fall out under the weight as the rail has broken.

All in all it can be really depressing – ring any bells?

So it really can help your emotional state if that wardrobe is organized, neat (well neatish will do) and efficient, How much time in the morning does it take you to find an outfit – too long? Do you have a wardrobe stuffed with clothes but nothing to wear? Well now is the time to address it!! Please note the play on words!!

You will need:
Bin bags, baskets, rails (available from Argos etc) a full length mirror and maybe a good friend to help you – you can then do the same for her (or him!)!

Decide what clothes you’re going to wear for the next couple of days and put them aside

Moving into the spare room may be helpful if you have +++Wardrobes

Empty your wardrobe completely putting all trousers in one place, tops in another, jackets in another pile and so on

Clean all sections including the rails

Now start with the trousers – if you know they fit and they look great (probably only one pair if you’re like most people) then put them on a rail.

Try all the other trousers on and ask yourself these questions;
Do they fit?
Are they the right length?
Do they match my body shape? – see previous article
Do I like them?
Are they in good condition?

If you answer yes to all these – put them on the rail

If they don’t fit – put them in the charity box/bag (NO you won’t slim into them and if you ever do then you want the joy of buying yourself a new pair)

If they are tattered and torn – into the recycling box

If the trousers are too short for your leg length (see previous articles then nothing can be done – either make them cropped trousers for the summer or off to the charity shop!

After you’ve done the trousers do the same with skirts, dresses, jackets and tops.

Section all items into resale/charity/archive/keep (see www.thisladyloves.com for the big swap or check out my website www.divadressing.co.uk for details on how to hold your own Swop to Shop for charity.

Relocate archive items of sentimental value in either a separate wardrobe section or storage solution such as vacuum packed.

Be firm with yourself and don’t hang on to dated/tired items unless sentimental

Consider your lifestyle and tailor your wardrobe to it – remember you can mix and match items for work with casual items to add more variety to your wardrobe.

The most successful wardrobes are always those that have only limited numbers of items in them.

Re-hang garments in sections i.e. all jackets together, all shirts together.

Then colour coordinate your garments within the sections ( sounds a bit an.., but it does help)

If possible keep seasons separate and cover out of season garments to protect from dust.

Only have what you are wear in your wardrobe this will make it much quicker and easier to get dressed and reduce repeat buying.

As your going along make a list of items you have missing or items you need to complete an outfit.

Keep checking looks by trying on and experimenting putting different clothes together

Update classic pieces with accessories or a new pair of shoes (oh what fun!)

Replace basics such as vests, t-shirts, underwear and everyday shoes regularly

Line your drawers with scented drawer liners for fresh smelling clothes

Use drawer dividers to section underwear, tights ,belts, scarves and ties

Sit back and enjoy the look of your wardrobe, the ease in which you can get ready in the morning and the clarity and peace of mind that it gives.

All this work may sound daunting – but physically, mentally and financially you will really benefit from it.
If it’s all too much then don’t forget that you can contact me and I will come and help!!

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