Amanda Steadman

Amanda Steadman

Amanda Steadman set up Wealthbabes to educate clients about building businesses, wealth and maximising the internet.

“I spend most of my time now, focussing on empowering individuals, teams and companies to succeed and live life in their fullest potential; by inspiring others through coaching, training, writing, speaking, presenting and letting individuals know that if I can do it, you can too.”

“When you link your passion with your purpose – this is when businesses really succeed and the ‘money’ is the lovely by-product. I love what I do and working for yourself is an amazing way to live. I am a lifestyle entrepreneur.”

Amanda serialises her advice to help you maximise your wealth and potential here at the3rdi magazine.

This is a subject I get asked about a tremendous amount, especially social media. For those of you running your own company these areas are of no doubt great interest! It may be a similar case for stay-at-home mums and employees who wish to develop a ‘business on the side’. I’ve looked at many schemes and techniques over the last couple of years and I’ve attended a huge number of seminars! Some are easier to do than others, many need you to pick ONE area or technique and master it BEFORE you attempt others. Even I have been swept away by offers of making huge amounts online to find out it’s not as straightforward as it looks! So make sure you do your due dilligence before parting with cash for seminars and online products – get recommendations first if possible as there is a plethora of information out there. It can overwhelm you if you let it!

I’ve met a couple recently with a 1 year old daughter who do Internet marketing successfully plus other freelance projects. This way they share their daughter’s childcare without having to leave home! Great news for parents and those of you who detest commuting! They live in the Caribbean some of the year and in London the rest of the time. They can do this due to the flexibility that the Internet gives them. It gives you choice. Even for me – as long as I’ve got my Ipod ( my Mac is overheating and in for repair this week …) I can get this article in to Karen! When I was totally internetless I popped into the Radisson to ensure my article made the month end deadline! So anything is possible – it depends on how you want to structure it and make it work for you.

One of the main reasons people chose Internet marketing is because of this freedom and also the repetitive or passive income it can provide.

On that note a question I get asked regularly is;
‘how can I make money online?’. The very simple answer is SELL something!

So what do you want to sell? Or more importantly WHO do you want to sell to? I’m working on a Caribbean Property website at the moment – so my WHO will be any landlords or vendors in the English Caribbean islands. So whatever I do online MUST be targeted to them and we tend to create a PERSONA for each of your target customers. This persona represents the ideal customer, how they think and how they live their lives. From there you establish what is most important to them? What makes them buy? What problems do they have that you can solve? (better, faster, more value?) Are you facing any problems that you think others may also need help with?

In Internet marketing it essentially uses all the principles of offline marketing to sell products and solutions including this ‘persona’ approach. I know of many online success stories and here are some of the ideas that made them money online to get you thinking. Many of these businesses focussed on very specific niches and their personas. They became EXPERTS in their fields. Others researched very specific subjects then got others to create products or sold the knowledge for example;

* Build a membership site

* Build a newsletter – trading, hobbies, pregnancy etc

* Selling ebooks

* Selling on Ebay

* Selling on amazon

* Affiliate marketing – marketing other peoples products, events or services and taking a percentage.

* Selling your own book

* Selling your own information products

* Selling online video courses

* Webinars

* Selling products – houses, cars, jewellery, etc.

Essentially you find a niche, Build a relationship with it through consistent communication ( social media excellent at this) solve it’s problems whilst becoming an expert or trusted provider, then sell the solution online.

If you can make £1 online you can replicate it to make more!

It’s not as easy to make money online as it was five years ago but there are still an abundance of opportunity to grab. It’s not all overnight success as many of my online gurus took many months if not a few years to reach the million mark but now is still a very good time to start!

To your health, wealth and success

Amanda x

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