July already! Where does the time go, always in such a rush to deny us the space to do more than 24 hours in a day seems to allow. But at last a summer, such glorious weather that now I just worry about how badly my garden needs rain – are we ever happy! You will note this first picture this month is back to my favourite subject (or one of them at least!) Progress with my lovely girl is due an update I think. As you can see she’s doing beautifully, still mad around the house, still a comedian, still irresistible. Now weighing in at over six and a half stone at 7 months old; a ripe old age which makes her old enough for dog shows. No, I had no great desire to show dogs, I was dragged to so many as a child with my dog showing/breeding Mother, it wasn’t something I hankered after. However this girl is so lovely I couldn’t resist. So our first show resulted in yellow third ribbon, very happy especially as I appear to have forgotten everything I once knew about showing dogs! But the next one, a first in the puppy class, then I was stunned to walk away with Best of Breed as well, plus third in any variety hound puppy. Well that’s it now, the bugs bitten. Studying show schedules, deliberating over which to enter, trying to balance family and work demands with the issue that the best show all seem to be in England. Oh dear me, tell me I’m not turning into my Mother?

He loves me, he loves me not – Pulling petals from a daisy in trues loves quest. Endless old wives tales telling us what life hold now and in the future. One wonders if any truth lies in any of them; so many of these things contain an element of common sense which can make them appear less silly than at first glance. I tried to find some logic in this daisy petal process, and failed. I am told after some digging it is of French origin, a game no less, no more. I suppose one has a 50% chance of the result being correct! Such a stunning slower in all its simplicity, I doubt I could bring myself to pull petals off these days, or if I would have any faith in the outcome whichever way it went! However, it does demonstrate one thing in life has remained constant throughout the centuries; the search for true love, the quest for something that even when we think we may have attained it, still leaves us bewildered and full of questions. Sadly – I have no answers. In fact at 45 years old the whole thing is just as bewildering as when I was 16 years old, possibly moreso. The French, of course as with their little daisy game had the answer “Quesera, sera”.

This is a shot of a suncatcher in my garden (don’t worry the garden rescue stories will continue!). It’s about a metre long with windchimes attached and hangs on a pergola with seats beneath. A good place to sit and relax and contemplate the world or at least my little corner of it. The photograph is of a small corner of it; I became fascinated with the light in the glass and one the spiders web. For once the detail became more important than the ‘big picture’. The colours and refraction of sunlight on natural and man-made surfaces has a soothing beauty and I took many shots of their co-existence. A reminder for me to look closer, to take time to see the little things that make the whole what it needs to be, and to notice what a really beautiful world we live in, so long as we take time to see it.

End of day
Sudden sunshine in late evening after a rainy, dull day
Shafts of golden light bring joy to woodland and hedgerow alike
The world glows and life regains the confidence of light and hope
The setting sun holds the end to past angst and loss
It holds promise of the sunshine to come in a new morning
Sunset begs you stop and give thanks for all that is good
It asks you make a wish in the gloaming for future strength
Time to let all that is past and done stay where it belongs
Watch the end of day and accept the beginning of tomorrow

Wishing you all good hope and sunshine for July

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