Butterflies & Imagineering

Change is one of the few certainties in life. And change goes beyond the human species. To a caterpillar change may seem like the end of the world, but to everyone else what emerges is a beautiful butterfly. A new reality awakens. It was there all the time awaiting the process of transformation, a revolution rather than an evolution. And it is transformation we think of when we think of butterflies. They are the ultimate symbol of transformation.

Imaginal Cells
Did you know that the process by which the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly is down to the awakening of imaginal cells that are coded with a new octave of being? They begin to join forces and a tipping point is reached that creates true transformation from within. So what can we learn from that?
Firstly, that true transformation comes from within, and it is self-directed. It involves a change of being. You can seek things on the outside, but the transformation is an inside job.
Secondly that the transformation happens when you begin to imagineer and allow your imagination to steer you to a new reality. Thirdly, as more and more of yourself fully codes that new reality on the inside, then from the inside out you can create that new reality. Architects imagineer all the time. They hallucinate whole buildings, sometimes even whole communities of buildings, that aren’t there � yet! They create a blueprint in the mind, that eventually, with focused action, becomes a real reality.

Out of Africa
What separated us from the animal kingdom, in addition to our opposable thumbs (thank you to the wonderful Karen Birch for that one!), was our ability to imagine. We saw wood and flint and began to imagine ourselves being able to create and use tools – seeing infinite possibilities beyond what we knew, imagineering beyond the present reality. Imagination set us free, liberated us, sent us adventuring, blazing a trail to new and faraway lands way away from the womb of Africa that birthed us.

Infinite Possibilities
Is it time for a revolution for you? Time for a transformation? Time for some Imagineering to create a reality beyond your present reality? We can all dream a bigger dream for our one wild and precious life. Dream bigger. Dare to dream beyond what you know. And then make it happen. We’re here to earth our dreams.

The Tools for Transformation: FOCUSED ACTION:

1. Just as the third eye (3rdi) sees beyond the reality, it’s good for us to do that too. We can pay a visit to a future that hasn’t happened yet and create a map, a blueprint of a new reality that we would like to be living.

2. Step into the future – there’s more than Dr Who can time travel you know! Step into your desired reality, the life you would like to be living, the work you want to be doing, the lifestyle you’d like to have, see the people you’d like to be in your life. Notice what you notice, see what you see, hear what you hear, feel what you feel. Make the pictures richer and brighter and bolder, the sounds louder, the feelings bigger and create a powerful anchor for your desired state of being. Set a date on when you’d like that to be happening, so you turn the dream into a goal with a timeframe.

3. From there look back to now, and see a series of chunks of time from the new reality to the reality of the present day. Within each chunk of time, see a series of marker events that have happened between now and then that ensure the inevitability of the new reality – clear actions and events that have to happen in order for the dream to become a reality.

4. Now take a step back to the beginning of the penultimate chunk of time before the dream. Notice the date and the timeframe that nudges you closest to living that dream. Notice what has to happen, the final part of the journey to the new reality. Notice what you have to do. Then look back again in your mind at what has to have happened to get to this point.

5. Now take another step back. Set a date for this next chunk of time. And notice what needs to be done between now and the penultimate step in order to achieve what it is you want to achieve. Continue this process until you get to the present.

6. From the present, look forward at the markers of time, and the series of events that form the interconnected Imagineering goals and pathway to the life transformation. Now, walk forward through each of the steps, creating a strategy that gets you through evolution to the revolution. Enjoy!

7. JFDI. You know what that stands for, don’t you!

Kath is a Temple of Happiness and Inspiration! An international trainer and coach, she is an MSc Psychologist., entrepreneur and social entrepreneur on a divine mission to create more happy success on the planet. Kath’s ‘Infinite Possibilities’ 3 day treat of a retreat is running, just for women, in August. Call Anne or Kirsty on 01502 562162 for more details.

You can learn more about Kath and her work at
www.lifelonglearningcompany.com and www.thehappinessfoundation.co.uk
You can contact Kath on 01502 562162 or kath@lifelonglearningcompany.com

Kath is an MSc Psychologist, international NLP Master & Trainer, and an Executive Coach who is passionate about making a difference and leaving a lasting legacy of positive change. She established The Lifelong Learning Company in 1995, and is a social entrepreneur who runs The Happiness Foundation, a not-for-profit NHS funded organisation offering courses in Breaking the Cycle of Depression, Overcoming Anxiety & Panic Attacks, and Happiness Matters in Families.

She also runs World Change Agents which works with disadvantaged and troubled young people. Her private clinic is at The Saxon Centre, Paul McKenna has regularly referred clients to her for many years, Beccles.

Kath has recently created two new companies: Coaching Heads, and Live With Passion Events.

We are delighted that Kath shares here experience and expertise with the3rdi magazine as The Inspired Psychologist each month.

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