Still 25 Inside

I am probably the wrong person to review this book. I have re-invented myself at many stages of my career and at many stages of my life. The prospect of being 50, or any other age, does not phase me. As my gran used to say “getting old is better than the alternative.”

I am unphased by change and have no hang ups about the possible failure of any new venture. But I do know that fear of change and fear of failure are huge factors in preventing women from getting all they can from their lives at any age.

So, while I am not the target market and I would probably not been tempted to pick this book from the library shelf, I have lost count of the number of times that women have said to me, “I couldn’t do what you have done” (my answer is always Yes You Can) and so I am wholly convinced that there is a need for a book that addressing the issue of how to achieve happiness and fulfillment.

I started to read this book while I was taking a long train journey, but it isn’t that kind of book. The introduction starts with a question, “Is this it?” and seeks to address the attitude that may seap into mid-life, that somehow we are passed our best, over the hill, that life has passed us by. Lindsey’s style is easy to read and bounces along in such a way that you cannot help being bowled along by her positivity. She makes it clear that we all have a choice about the way we approach our own lives. And, following the exhortation to take a good look at yourself, “Is this it?” is the first of many challenging questions.

The book isn’t designed to be read in one session, on the train. It is designed to make you think. It is designed as a complete programme for self-improvement. As it says on the cover, Lindsey identifies 8 steps to feeling happy, healthy and fulfilled.

The 8 steps are described as 8 attitudes:

* I live my life on purpose
* I create what I want
* I am true to myself
* I am good enough
* I like myself
* I take time for myself
* I am certain of my success

and at each stage Lindsey challenges your current thinking and encourages it’s replacement with more positive thought patterns.

Each chapter (step/attitude) is full of questionaires and exercises to complete so that you can identify the way you currently think about things and to identify those attitudes that are holding you back. Once identified, Lindsey suggests things that you can do to change your attitude to yourself, your prospects and your potential for happiness.

It is full of case studies that allow you to identify with other women who may be experiencing exactly the same barriers to fulfillment as you are and, importantly, has inspirational stories of women who have completed that stage of the programme and have been able to move on to a better place in their lives.

Using this method the book does not lecture and give a magic formula that will instantly fix the problems you have in your life. What it does is encourage you to think very carefully about where you are, where you want to be and give you clear and substainable strategies for how to get there!

As I said, it is not a book to curl up with on train journey. It isn’t a book that is easily reviewed as what you get out of it will depend upon what you are prepared to put in. It is a book take slowly, to work through the exercises honestly and carefully. If you are serious about exchanging the life you have for the life you have always wanted, then this is the book for you!



Whatever happened to all those dreams you once had? You can remember a time when you thought anything was possible, but now you’ve reached the mid-point of your life and maybe it feels as if you’ve left it too late?
Happily you’re wrong, and in this book personal development expert Lindsey Agness shows you how you can make every phase of your life as good, or indeed better, than what’s gone before. Whatever it is you desire, this book reveals how changing the way you think and act is the key to living the life you want. You will discover the 8 secrets of happy, successful women, find out what makes you truly happy and learn how to implement lasting change.

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