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Simon Brown

Simon Brown

Simon G Brown has studied macrobiotics since 1980 and authored many books, including Modern Day Macrobiotics, Macrobiotics for Life and Practical Wabi Sabi.

In past issues of the magazine Simon has introduced us to Macrobiotics, Wabi Sabi, Meditation and more.

In this series of articles Simon tells us all about using Feng Shui to make sure the colours in your office are having a positive impact in the workplace…and in your home.

Images and Feng Shui by Simon Brown

The images we have in our home can influence our mood. For example some images will be relaxing, others inspiring and others intriguing. Sometimes an image can be open to interpretation and ask questions. An image may have a surreal quality and help us explore a range of possibilities.

How we react to images will be personal, although we might be able to make some broad generalisations. Landscapes and scenes of nature may be more relaxing, portraits and images of people can sometimes bring more emotions to the surface, surreal art might remind us that life is how we choose to interpret it, abstract painting could stimulate our imagination, art from various cultures may expand our appreciation of humanity in all expressions, Zen or wabi sabi based art might remind us of how beautiful and simple life can be without clutter.

When visiting an art museum I like to be aware of my response to paintings. Rather than attempt to judge, analyse or understand the painting I just try to connect to the feelings I have whilst observing. In this way a visit to an exhibition can be an emotional journey of greater self awareness and even self discovery.

At home I like to choose images that lead to a range of feelings I enjoy. I could decide to create a certain mood and atmosphere in a room and choose images to accentuate and support this. Personally I like to rotate the images I see. So for a while I might have a landscape in my living room, then a portrait and later something more abstract.

I also like to create my own images or display images created by my family. This could include paintings, photographs, collages or drawings. Even setting up a screen saver or wallpaper for my phone can be an engaging way to choose and interact with an image. A pin board for various photographs can be a fun way to engage with a variety of personal images.

Ultimately I would suggest being sure you surround yourself with images that encourage the kind of feelings that best support you in doing want you want with your life, rather than choosing an image because of the creator, fashion or to impress others.

For more information read Simon’s book:
The Feng Shui Life Coach published by Godsfield Press.

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