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Diss High School in Norfolk called me recently to ask if I’d present prizes and speak at their Prize-Giving event for students, and I was delighted to accept. Having received some awards myself for my work in business, I know the importance of standing out from the crowd, as do all of you reading this article.

The most inspiring prize-giving evening I’ve ever attended was at my daughter Sophie’s school, Notre Dame in Norwich. I have much respect and affection for Notre Dame’s Headteacher,John Pinnington, who retires in July. He is a good man.

That evening, the lovely John Pinnington said that he doesn’t want to go to his grave thinking he’s been just ok, not bad, that he’d put in an ok amount of effort. He wants to be OUTSTANDING! And he was careful to explain just what that meant to him. John said he wants to be an outstanding husband, an outstanding father, an outstanding Headteacher. The order of those things has significance, doesn’t it. There’s an order and a prioritizing there – and I loved that! It moved my soul! Whatever we do in business, and however much meaning and purpose there is within our work, at the end of our lives, it is those relationships with significant others that provide the most meaning and joy in our lives. And it is important not to compromise the quality of our relationships with our loved ones in building our successful businesses. Success without happiness isn’t really success at all.

Conquering Everest
I am in my wisdom years now and I absolutely recognize the wisdom in M Scott Peck’s words: ‘No-one conquers Everest without a good base-camp’. That’s so true. It is our relationships that sustain us. I’m a gorgeous grandma (! Ahem, no comments please, I do delusion well!) to little cuties Olivia and Grace. I’m a loving and fun mama-mia to my beautiful girls Lucy, Katie and Sophie. I’m a sister to my wonderful sister, Anne. And I remember with great love my darling younger brother, John, who died in 2007. I’m a daughter to my inspiring mam who lives with us, and remember my fabulous dad, who died in 1985, with huge love. I’m a friend to my ex-husband who I was with for 32 years, and I’m a friend to the special people who are great friends with me. And the memories I make with them all really matter, really count. I wish to be outstanding in all their lives, and believe I am.

And I wish to be outstanding in my work – I do what I love, and love what I do. My work really counts, it matters, it is meaningful, and it is outstanding. It makes a difference, it changes the future, it touches hearts and minds.

Creating a Better World
How different would life be if we all chose to be outstanding, to really show up and shine at work and at home. Outstanding in our own way, using our personalities, unique gifts, talents, skills and experience. Outstanding in the contribution we make to this life, to our world, and in the way we give of ourselves to our significant others, to those we connect with professionally, to our communities, and to life itself. Whatever it is we are choosing to do with our one wild and precious life, we can be outstanding.

Just Notice �
Reflect a moment – how are you being outstanding right now? In what areas of your life would you like to be more outstanding? And just imagine you already are. How does that make you feel? And now take a closer look … at what it is you are doing to be outstanding? What behaviours are you performing in that relationship, in that project, in that area of work, that you haven’t been, until now? And then imagine looking back on your life knowing you were outstanding. Knowing you made a contribution. Knowing you lived a wonderful life. Not by anyone else’s standards, but by your own. And then bring your attention back to now. And make a commitment to yourself. What is it you will do differently now so that you are aligned with what you perceive to be outstanding? What will you do less of? What will you do more of? What will you stop doing altogether? What will you start doing? Good to revisit this one every now and a few thens.

Neal Donald Walsh in his inspiring and witty book ‘Conversations with God’ tells us to change something because it no longer defines who you are. And he encourages us to keep on keepin’ on living a grander vision for your life.

Are you living your grandest vision for your one wild and precious life? Just do it! Live your best life. Now! Live it because you want to, and you can. It is within your own power to live your best life. It is within your own power to be outstanding. Be outstanding – and live your best life! No matter what! Live, laugh, love! And just imagine how great your future can be.

Be outstanding!
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Kath Temple is The Success Psychologist, and this summer will see the relaunch of her online magazine Happiness, Energy & Spirit.

Kath is an MSc Psychologist, international NLP Master & Trainer, and an Executive Coach who is passionate about making a difference and leaving a lasting legacy of positive change. She established The Lifelong Learning Company in 1995, and is a social entrepreneur who runs The Happiness Foundation, a not-for-profit NHS funded organisation offering courses in Breaking the Cycle of Depression, Overcoming Anxiety & Panic Attacks, and Happiness Matters in Families.

She also runs World Change Agents which works with disadvantaged and troubled young people. Her private clinic is at The Saxon Centre, Paul McKenna has regularly referred clients to her for many years, Beccles.

Kath has recently created two new companies: Coaching Heads, and Live With Passion Events.

We are delighted that Kath shares here experience and expertise with the3rdi magazine as The Inspired Psychologist each month.

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