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Gillian Taylor is an Astrologer and Archetypal Consultant who has trained with many fine teachers including Caroline Myss in Chicago.

She offers you the keys to unlock your Sacred Purpose by understanding your Archetypes and astrological signature.

If you’d like to discover how you too, can live your highest potential in your business and personal life through creative and innovative means then contact her at

This month Gillian shares here knowledge of archetypes and how, by understanding your own, you can transform your life and take your business to new heights!

Perhaps you’re a fan of the latest reality TV show “Over the rainbow” or perhaps not ?

As they search for Dorothy I thought how wonderfully synchronous to write a piece on one of my favourite topics ! At any rate I’m sure like me you are enchanted by the original and best classic it’s espoused from! So as a way of introducing today’s magnificent topic Archetypes I have arranged this short piece to entertain and enchant you in equal measure in what I trust will be much the same manner!

Archetypes, when understood fully, can transform your life and take your business to dizzy new heights! They are the intimate language of your unconscious mind which have been around since the time of Plato. Other synonyms might be the ideal blueprint or template of a form. You might view them, then as Universal patterns of power that you were born understanding. Of course the legendary Carl Jung (my personal favourite in his genre) is best known for bringing them to the forefront of human consciousness in the 20th Century. I’ve been working with them for some time now and my coaching service offers clients, business owners and leaders’ innovative insights and creative solutions using these key transformational concepts.

Some everyday examples of Archetypes that you might meet are “The Mother, The Goddess, The Geek, The Entrepreneur and The Networker.” And so I’m sure you get the idea!! The trick is they can be unconscious, and they require you to view your life symbolically recognising the power they hold through the symbolic language they weave into myths, fairytales and patterns. Archetypes hold the keys to your inner landscapes and world and often show up in your life to teach and empower you. You already speak archetypes fluently, and all that this little metaphor, that follows will do is bring a language you were born knowing, more fully into your conscious awareness. What this can transform is your capacity to speak a language that fundamentally manoeuvres light, and not matter. So they change the speed at which your life alters, which is why it is so exciting to learn to perceive your life in the language of archetypes!

The 4 Universal archetypes I want to discuss here are The Victim, The Prostitute, The Saboteur and The Child. They are Universal because we all have them! Another more empowering way to see them directing your life is when they are transformed into your Warrior, Lover, Magician and Sovereign respectively!

* The Victim: Your Guardian of Self-Esteem = Warrior
* The Prostitute: Your Guardian of Faith = Lover
* The Saboteur: Your Guardian of Choice = Magician
* The Child: Your Guardian of Innocence = Sovereign

The story of the Wizard of Oz is a masterpiece at conveying these higher truths to you of the 4 Universal Archetypes within a Sacred Contract. This is exactly what this film depicts – the journey of each of the four – into continuity. What we’ve got in the sovereign, is the journey of the child (Dorothy) to have authority over herself, to be able to maintain balance, to listen to her team in the shape of the tin man, the lion and the scarecrow for advice, but not be dictated to by them. This is the wise counsel for the Sovereign. These 4 Archetypes work like a chorus and the Child Archetype is transformed into the Sovereign via the hero’s journey she embarks on through Oz. She sets off to meet the powerful wizard who she believes can get her back to her home, family and security. The various helpers are like reflections of her psyche and encompass her Sacred Contract! The innocent child that she is trusts her intuition and instincts and through the support she receives on her journey (think light aspects of your psyche) she learns about self mastery. The helpers encourage her to take the lead and to do what is empowering for self AND the 3 others she subsequently meets on the way to find the wonderful Wizard of Oz! They find a ‘common purpose‘ to get to Oz , get help for their shortcomings and through wisdom, work from that stance to gain the highest prize of all-true Spiritual Identity and fulfilment of your Sacred Contracts by coming together for the common good.

This is a mystical truth; ‘What is in one is in the whole.‘ What is good for you should be good for all and vice versa! You want your own Warrior that is your General in your business to go forward with courage. You want your Magician, to be a clever strategist in business deals and meetings. You want your Lover to express your passionate love for your life and business to take over from your doubts no matter what!

Your warrior takes the action and advises on what helps you to actualise your business goals. The warrior is a very noble archetypes almost like the protector of your boundaries. It is the one that takes action to protect, so that you can say ‘yes‘ when you mean yes, and ‘no‘ when you mean no; so that you’re not manipulated by everybody else’s needs, so that you’re not victimized and there’s nothing left of you! The warrior knows where to set the boundary and say “STOP, that’s enough-no more! You can try me anyway you want, and you don’t cross this line.” The victim can’t do that. The victim doesn’t have the power to protect that.

The lover asks what would you love to do. The challenge is, what love would do is hardly ever what security would do. For love you will risk everything for what your deepest held values are! Values – the Prostitute/lover is the archetype of your values. What do you love? What are you willing to live for, what are you willing to die for, what you are willing to focus all of your attention on, even if it requires a life that were others to look at it, without your inner knowledge to see as one of sacrifice and hardship at times! This is what fills your heart and fills you with a sense of purpose. And the prostitute says, “I can’t afford that. I can’t afford to do that. I mean, it’s a great idea, but I can’t afford to do that.” And to make the choice to go with this, with your passion – and how the passion can serve and empower others, you have to work through this-your prostitute.

The saboteur is your archetype of illusion. The saboteur sees the illusions, all of the reasons – notice this is the archetype of reasons, of rationale – all the reasons why it won’t work. Why you can’t do what you’re here to do is based on illusions, and it is governed by the illusion. The Magician is the Master of illusion. It can see through the illusions, it can see through the chaos and see the balance. You know you have a Sacred Purpose and it is inside of YOU ready to unfold when YOU action it! So in returning to Dorothy’s story she meets up with her saboteur in the shape of the scarecrow who believes he lacks intelligence (a brain) and through their interactions together he brings forth the magician to make choices that empower her (them). She continues to Oz walking the yellow brick road (unknown Spiritual path to empowerment) and meets up with the Tin man who has no heart (symbolic of her prostitute/lover) and is a test for her to learn to love herself, her life at home in Kansas and the journey that she needs to take regardless of how difficult it appears to get her home to her dear Aunty Em.

The cowardly lion shows up as her Victim who has to be courageous and face challenges that “scare the wits “out of him and gain the transformation to one of Warrior! By following her intuition, listening to her heart and trusting that courage plus faith in her ability to face challenges will come from her Higher Self, she achieves the capacity to transform all of her Survival Archetypes into her greatest allies and gains mastery of these powers that were once seemingly lacking. The ruby slippers symbolic of her Divine inner power are the highest prize and what her Soul knows she must not sell out to the wicked witch who offers to get her home in return for them. Dorothy knows that nothing is worth selling your Soul for and refuses to do so. In trusting her unconscious mind (symbolised by water) she instinctively knows that pouring water over the witch can and will destroy her and release Dorothy from the power (fears) she holds over her. Once this happens Dorothy is self consciously aware and realises that she can take care of herself no matter what! Ultimately with the exposure of the Wizard as a fraud by her dog Toto (her power animal) Dorothy learns that it is wrong to project your own desire for enlightenment/rescue onto a false God or Guru!

Dorothy makes it home safely to Kansas after receiving wise counsel from the White Witch Glinda who informs her that the ruby slippers hold the power to take her anywhere and that incidentally she has had this power inside her all along! Having achieved her ‘heroine’s journey‘ and helped her 3 companions gain their highest prize too by being a conduit for the highest good, Dorothy returns home renewed and in awe of ‘the dream‘ she has dreamt in attaining her true Spiritual identity and fulfilling her Sacred Contract!

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