Ethics Girls

If you love shopping, ethical fashion, fairtrade and green living you’ll warm to Ethics Girls. Their aim is to allow everyone to enjoy shopping without it costing the earth. They want our guility pleasure to become a guiltless pleasure! Ethics Girls is a pioneering movement which brings together the things that women love with the things that are important. Their website combines an online shop, magazine, user forum, making ethical shopping and greener living easy, and…. let’s face it… a bit more fun!

The Ethics Girls shop stocks only the very best in ethical produce – from make up to dresses, bangles to window cleaner, and everything in between.

They want to pioneer what they see as a new form of shopping which they call ‘slow shopping‘. In order to do this they are working to develop forward ordering and joint buying so that we can wean ourselves off those impulse buys and make sure our hard earned pounds are spent wisely.

As part of the co-operative movement, the website contains valuable information which will help us all to get to grips with the major issues, demystify the often ardous terminology around being green, and swap top tips for how to make positives choices without breaking the bank.

I visited Sam at the headquarters in Rosyth, just outside Edinburgh, to discuss how the company started and what the plans are for the future.

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