The Mole in the Hole
Who’d Lost Sight in the Light
Had locked himself in,
In the dark, in the night.
And he stayed in his hole,
Where he felt safe and warm
Where he saw no real danger,
Where he felt no real harm.

And so time passed him by,
With his daily routines
And his refusal to think of
The “what-might-have-beens.”
Except once in a while,
He would glance deep inside
Before pulling the shutters down
Again quickly, to hide.

The Mole wandered round aimlessly,
Feeling his way;
In the dark did his work,
In the black and the grey.
And he lost track of time
And turned day into night,
By keeping himself busy,
Protected from light.

But the shutters refused to stay closed,
And would sometimes just move
When the record got stuck
In the same endless groove;
And he’d dream that he did
What his heart told him to
Instead of doing what others
Advised him to do.
But the light was too bright,
And he just couldn’t move
To the land of his future,
Where he’d nothing to prove,
Where he’d do what he wanted,
What made him alive..
For his shadow self whispered,
Saying “Don’t you dare strive

To take that step forward,
To be who you are;
Just you stay where you’re comfortable,
Just you stay where you are.”
So down snapped the blind,
And cold went his heart
And back went his footsteps,
Right back to the start.

And the Mole in the Hole
Would go back to the night
Repeating this pattern,
Yet hating his plight. Til a friend came along
A wise gentle mole
Who asked his permission
To make this mole whole.

Then asked, “what would you see,
If you dared to be free?
How would you dance?
How great would that be? And what would it feel like
If you started to deal
With your hurt and your fear,
If you started to heal?

And what are the fears
That are stopping you go?
And how would it feel
If you ‘felt in the flow?‘
And what would it taste like?
Think how would it smell?
If you broke out of your prison,
And out of your cell?
Just who is preventing you
Following your heart?
And what fears are stopping
You making a start?
And why wait any longer
When you’ve already got
All the resources you need
Here right now on this spot?”

Then the Mole in the Hole
Who’d Lost Sight in the Light
Felt a fluttering inside him,
Saw a path through the night.
Knew his past didn’t matter
And though he wasn’t sure how,
Knew his future depended
On What He Did Now.

And way in the distance,
He could see it was bright
So he started to run,
To run towards the light,
And he felt his heart pounding,
And he tasted the tears
That told him he was willing
To let go of his fears.

So stepping outside,
He just opened his eyes
And saw possibilities –
Saw bright blue skies!
Then he started to breathe again,
Deep down inside
Though he was out in the open,
With nowhere to hide.For he heard running water,
Could see rivers deep
And the garden beyond him
Was that of his sleep.
Now he knew he’d found home,
And he knew it was right
And he nodded his head,
And he gave up his fight.

For the Mole in the Hole
Who’d lost Sight in the Light
Knew he’d never go back
To the dark, to the night,
To the grey misty places,
Where the chains were so strong
And where day turned to night,
And the nights were so long.

For the heart was now open,
He’d got his release
And he’d started his journey,
And he felt calm and peace.
So he straightened his shoulders,
Chose his path with delight,
And the Mole in the Hole
Walked out into the Light.

Copyright © C.D Johnstone January 2009ë Caroline Johnstone.

Caroline Johnstone currently works with RBS Mentor advising the owners and managers of companies across the UK on any aspect of the employment relationship including transfers and restructuring.

With a background in HR, she previously worked in private companies and the NHS as well as holding senior positions in local government and Home Office contracts. Mostly, she has loved her jobs with one notable exception. Yet that’s where she learned some great lessons.

Like just because other people say you aren’t competent doesn’t make it the truth. That it’s ok to say you made a wrong career move. That when you ignore the messages you are getting your body and mind can’t cope with the conflict and you can end up very stressed; but when you take action, there is so much more than light at the end of the tunnel. Fast forward to an NLP course in 2005 where she missed the morning as she went for an interview.

The afternoon was to be the chance to use storytelling and metaphor and she had no idea what part of her story she would tell. Coming back to the training room, she saw a new poster on the wall. In the lunch break, she wrote this poem.

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