This shot was taken on the road home from South Uist. My partner’s children live there and we make regular trips to collect them for a visit, at 3 and 4 they are always fun company! It was a dull day with frequent showers and cold winds; leaving home at 3am to make a 9am ferry ensured we were tired and finding the road long. A stop in a layby to let my puppy stretch her legs was suddenly turned into this magical moment with the stunning rainbow appearing…lesson is always carry a camera! The other thought is how a long tiring road will always have the power to surprise and thrill so long as we keep our eyes open…this world is so full of beauty and sometimes we forget to look – so keep your eyes open, your heart and mind will follow their example.


The Falkirk Wheel, an amazing piece of engineering designed to move boats to higher level on the canal. I was becoming disillusioned with how photogenic it might be when a climb up the hill offered this viewpoint. Happy at last! Wonderful reflections, completing the arches journey to circles. Photography can be frustrating like any job, a task to record an event or view seems to offer little inspiration sometimes, but with perseverance there is always an angle or viewpoint that offers that little bit more. It’s not the subject that is the problem, but simply how we perceive it.


Tiny flowers found growing wild in St Andrews in Fife, I ought to know the name of them but sadly don’t…my apologies for such lack of detail. I do find my interest is for the image, what is says to me rather than the technical details. I suspect my attitude to life is rather the same – I tend to decide what I want and go for it…the technical details are left to sort themselves out as we go. They invariably do sort themselves out – I suspect if I tried to plan ahead I’d start to find barriers and things might never leave the planning stage! Not to suggest that plans are not a necessary evil of course, but perhaps we shouldn’t get too caught up and lose sight of the goal. These flowers are so delicate and tiny, a little battered by March weather but the damaged petals lose none of their beauty for all that. The odd scar doesn’t mar beauty, only enhances its’ wonder and ability to shine through.


It’s that puppy again! Well she is a huge part of my life just now, so get used to seeing her. Before the end of the year this may have become Zuva’s diary! I’m sure the dog lovers among reader will enjoy watch her antics as she grows up…the non-dog lovers; sorry! Her first visit to the beach, here she watches our other dog playing in the water and debates a leap into the pool. She cried and swithered about her decision for a while, becoming increasingly frustrated. Eventually she took a great leap into the unknown, another bound and tried to jump onto dry land. She failed, lacking the strength and co-ordination…she had to return the way she came and accept defeat. Soon she’ll be bigger and stronger and her playmate will be the one struggling to keep up. Life’s frustrating sometimes, but we learn our lesson and come back another day knowing what to do this time! Take care and have a good April…lets hope the snows are over and the sun will shine! Verity

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