PART 7: Onwards and Upwards

Its been an interesting few months for me personally.

I have started a new business, been between France and the UK and became a mum a few days ago. Ava was 8lbs and managed to do it on gas and air and lots of visualisation!!!

Everyone says that when you have children your perspective changes. I wasn’t prepared for how much! Its the most amazing experience and I would definately do it again. What I was not prepared for was how little time you have in between breast feeding and changing nappies…its a black hole of time and space!!!

I am blessed and am not complaining – honest..Its just I am used to being able to turn a lap top or phone off…no such luck with my little angel!

Luckily I am in a position where I do not have to work and can take my time. This is a position that many of us would like to be in when we reach this stage in our lives. Since becoming a mom, many of my goals are still the same. However I think all my time lines just got extended and hats off to every mom that is in business and raising children – YOU ARE AWESOME!

For those that are in business and are thinking of children ( I put it off until 37 – I was very busy building wealth base that would secure their future!) JUST DO IT. Its never a good time!

Talking of TIME – We are already a quarter of the way through 2010 – look back at the last 3 articles of this year.

* Have you answered the questions we asked and taken a good look at your finances and how you intend to increase your wealth over the next 9 months and beyond?
* Have you revisited your goals?
* Are you on target?
* What do you need to do that you know you must do but aren’t doing!!
* What level of commitment and action are you willing to put into it!? Schedule it so it actually happens!

As discussed in the previous articles life is about your OWN DEFINITON OF WEALTH. Mine has changed in the last two weeks forever and I am very happy about it! We are still on track to continue in business and investing and a very interesting opportunity has arisen in the Caribbean so I may be writing from there soon! So watch this space!


To your health, wealth and success!

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