How to lose weight with Apprentice Claire Young

Claire’s face is almost as familiar to viewers of The Apprentice as a member of one’s own family. Fans of The Apprentice will possibly be surprised to see her fabulous new look. Claire Talks to the3rdi magazine about her amazing new shape.

You looked fine on The Apprentice, so what was it that made you decide to lose weight?
For the first episode of The Apprentice I had approx 100 friends gathered at a friend’s house to watch. We were all so excited. I came on TV and cringed – all I could think was ‘is my bum that big?!‘. The mental picture I had of myself and the reality were very different! My whole posture had changed. I was nearly 14 stone and a big size 16. I was seriously over weight and decided then to do something about it! I was then papparrazzied on the beach looking like Nelly The Elephant – it was my worse nightmare appearing like that in a tabloid which 6 million people read but it was the kick up the backside I needed.I’m not a moaner, I’m a doer so I just got on with it. I wanted to fit into all my old clothes again, be fit and feel sexy.

Was your motivation to get fit or to lose weight?
My parents both had health issues relating to weight. My Dad has had 2 heart attacks and Mum has diabetes, I was heading into high risk area. I was 3 stone overweight. I’m all against this skinny celebrity rubbish but I also don’t agree that being large is good for you -it isn’t. Your poor body has to carry extra weight around, think of your heart!

Had you tried diets before?
Yes I’ve had to watch what I eat since I was 8 years old. I put weight on very easily. I think now I’ve reached the point where it’s an acceptance – if I want to eat treats I need to move more or I’ll get bigger.

How did you go about losing weight?
I got a personal trainer as I needed help and someone to take control and boss me! Everyone in life has a weak spot and this is mine. I stopped drinking alcohol and had a very strick diet – in the first 10 weeks I lost 2 stone! Once you see the weight coming off it’s a great motuvator. I found running the best exercise for me, burns calories and tones everything, plus good to clear the head after a long day in the office.

How have you kept the weight off?
By being realistic. I know that if I pig out all the weight will come back on. I can’t put myself through that again. I’m happy to be a size 12 and have a good balance -I like to eat, socialise but it is all about balance.

Do you have an exercise programme that you follow?
I do squats, lunges, and weights for my arms (if I don’t do them I get bingo wings) and I still enjoy running.

What has been the response of family/friends?
Fantastic, very supportive. A handful of people tried to get me to drink, tempt me with cake etc but I was very focussed and stayed away from them.

Is there any difference in the way you feel about yourself and in the way you approach life?
Not really, I just have a lot more energy and running two busineeses I need to be fit. Also shopping for clothes is easier and quicker. I’m still the same person – just am not wearing a fat suit anymore! I do get more attention from men but I find it funny.

What would be your advice to others?
Get motivated, you can achieve anything you want to. Be realistic – it takes a while to put weight on and will take time to get it off. I like to go to bootcamp hoilidays when I need a push and have found to be the best. I lose 10lbs in one week and get very motivated!

Claire Young is supporting ‘Active Fat‘
The British Heart Foundation, Diabetes UK and Cancer Research UK are encouraging the nation to measure their waistlines.

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