In November Lindsey Agness, best-selling author, trainer and consultant shared with us the secrets of how to become a Successful Mid-Life Woman. Since then Lindsey has launched a unique programme “..for women who believe in beginnings not endings.” We are following one of the delegates, Audra Lamoon, as she goes through the programme.

Friday Arrival
So we all arrived, most of us together in time for tea with a pent up excitement about what was to happen! After our vegetarian dinner we gathered in the Sundoor Room for the 1st part of our course… yes Lindsay had us working that very evening, making the most of every minute and re convened the Goddess Council. We had all been good girls and completed some if not all of our tasks; given to us from the previous council. We revisited our goals and reasons for being on the course and each of us had made a progression, a visible change or physical change to meet their task… one Goddess looked amazing, lost weight, had her hair all coiffured and looked radiant. She had strength that illuminated from her and was very active and pro-active throughout the whole course.

Another Goddess’s task affected her privately in a major and unexpected way! Her marriage really was positively impacted by her task, which had a knock on effect in her professional life with her personal vision……its on going and working out beautifully.

One Goddess broke her leg, so her golf lessons flew out of the window, but it didn’t stop the learning, realisation or walking on fire!!! She was developing her inner strength and that was fascinating for her as her physical strength had always been of the utmost importance.

Another Goddess was positively hilarious … she was so different from before … she was playful and danced like a ballerina across the fire and onto the breaking of the arrow activity … she was freeing herself up to have more fun all round!

And as for me … a well timed trip to Devon and then New York gave me some diversity of experience with my tasks! I learned I needed more trips! But seriously … I’m learning to look at people in a different way and to calm my life down somewhat! Oh God; just remembered I’ve been tasked with learning to cook too! Will try that out on the Goddess this year … that will teach them!!!

It’s amazing what a bit of discussion and focus can do eh? Especially when you think that we had our tasks given just before Xmas, the most impractical of times one might say … but still we all did good.

We all went to bed extremely proud of ourselves and fellow Goddesses and the closeness we felt right away increased even more and that was very apparent … celebrated with a small glass of wine, cheese straws and chocolate of course! Naughty!

Saturday course, fire building/lighting/walking
An early start with breakfast, massage, lunch and dinner thrown in … we had a heavy schedule! We had exercises to go through, learning more about our beliefs and going over our vision boards from before … always keeping us on track! We didn’t think about the fire too much at the beginning of the day but as the day grew old and the stories came about we realised we were being prepared for the fire walk by another activity, unexpected and not altogether unwelcome!

But before I get to that story, we all went down to the beautiful wooded setting where the fire was to be built. The trees were tall and thin and the water babbled by to make the perfect setting. We built the fire, we all fetched and carried logs, kindling and scrunched up paper to burn. It looked great, sturdy and strong … oh and high!!!!! I wondered if we would walk or jump across!!

We went back to light it later as this was to be a night time event … so dinner and break ensued.

Other women had joined us by this time and we all shared the breaking of the arrow exercise with our necks! Yes … we positioned the arrows with the pointed end in our neck! Some of the group feared this more than the fire walk but not I for some reason that I don’t understand. Steven and Lindsay put us through our paces and got the momentum going at such a pace that we were all ramping up for our turns while we chanted loud and proud for the others to fall on the arrow! We were happy to pose for the3rdi magazine with our broken arrows – click here! It was a great feeling and realised post fire that it was the perfect run up to the main event!

So off to the fire at last! It really didn’t hit me what I was about to do until I stood at the foot of it with a fellow Goddess and saw the flaming, golden coals, felt the hot heat and smelled the smoky air. I turned to her and asked if she was afraid, to which she replied yes! Thank God I thought, as I was scared stiff all of a sudden but Steven had prepared the evening well and us and engaged with us brilliantly by focussing us and had a piper piping as we all approached the beautiful sight. We threw cedar and lavender on the fire and said aloud why we were walking across it. The feeling of closeness to the Goddesses was deeper now and we were encouraging and excited and off we went! No-one burnt their feet, we all walked across with our own styles manners and eccentricities … some danced, some floated and I marched across as if I were from the Ministry of Silly Walks! It got me through! Then we walked again, and again and again … in fact we all walked at least 8 times, shouting out A Ho with each cry and some in pairs. I too walked with another Goddess in the name of friendship, then for my friend who needs healing and then for my father who passed away.

It became compelling to honour those people and just keep on walking as all the time the fresh coals were being raked onto our pathway!

So, we’ done it! It could be done, it was done and there were no casualties, we really believed we could do it, we prepared and focussed our thoughts and made it happen! Feelings went from shock, surprise and relief to being energised and so we formed a circle to seal the experience …followed by a well deserved Goddess cuddle and chocolate cake! Bed came after cake and conversation … champagne and bed followed after that for some …hee hee!
Breakfast, amazing massage for me and the final course work for this module set us up for the day. We reconvened the Goddess council as our tasks must continue or be renewed…this helps maintain our connection and communication with the Goddess and ourselves…….keeping that linked in feeling is key for us …until next time!!!!

Lindsay, Karen and Janice were amazing, as before and really got involved and each know personal things about the Goddesses and so they really know how to help and respond and encourage us at crucial times and are absolutely the right people to be leading such a life changing course … my thanks to them!

Audra Lamoon
Your Impact!
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