My World
My world is for me
it’s inside my head
you may not enter.

My thoughts are private
they are for me
you cannot share them.

My dreams are for me
and only me
you have your own.

My life is public
open and exposed
but I am inside my head.

A Way With Words is a book of stories, poems and artwork from women who have lived with and left abusers.

Edited by Lesley O’Brien, Alison Ryan and Kate Arnot the book is produced by Glasgow Women’s Aid, a voluntary organisation run by women for women, children and young people who have experienced domestic abuse.

The request to create this book came directly from women living in Glasgow Women’s Aid refuges. The women wanted to document their stories, read other womens stories and be inspireed on their journey from domestic abuse.

To mark International Womens Day 2010, some of Scotland’s most successful businesswomen threw their backing to the Scottish Domestic Abuse Campaign and The Deputy First Minister attended the book launch to send out a message of solidarity and support for women all over Scotland, and encourage those experiencing abuse to seek help.

Some of the stories, like Betrayed are a re-telling of actual events while others, such as Avocado Seed are allegorical and look towards more promising futures. The poems, similarly, document lives lived or look forward beyond the abuse. The recount stories of the women themselves and also of the impact that domestic violence had on their children and the changes that have happened since they have moved away from abusive relationships to shelter in womens refuge and beyond.

Not all are easy reading, as you would expect, but more often they offer hope to others living in troubled domestic circumstances. The poems, stories and artwork commemorate their struggle and celebrate their strength and give expression to the healing powers of creativity.

The book is available (priced £5.00) by contacting Yvonne McGregor or Susan Jack on 0141 553 2022

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