Home working in a Pollock painting

I first met The Emecks at a networking event in Edinburgh. I hadn’t intended joining the breakfast meeting, Crieff to Edinburgh City Centre for 8 o’ clock is not my idea of a great way to start the day. I was there to meet a colleague after the meeting but the business breakfast had run over time and I got chatting to Andrew.

He showed me images on his phone of their new office. Instantly I knew that this HAD TO BE a photo feature for this month….and I’m sure you can see why!

The offices are in the trendy part of Edinburgh, as you would expect for a company involved at the cutting edge of social network marketing, on Cockburn Street, just off The Royal Mile.

The entrance to the building is like most others on the street and gives no indication of the office that lies behind.

Andrew explained that they had wanted something different in the workspace; something that would be fun to work in and create a buzz amongst his clients. Creating a buzz for his clients using social networking marketing is what Andrew does for a living so it does seems apt that his office does the same thing!

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