Amanda Steadman set up Wealthbabes to educate clients about building businesses, wealth and maximising the internet.

“I spend most of my time now, focussing on empowering individuals, teams and companies to succeed and live life in their fullest potential; by inspiring others through coaching, training, writing, speaking, presenting and letting individuals know that if I can do it, you can too.”

“When you link your passion with your purpose – this is when businesses really succeed and the ‘money’ is the lovely by-product. I love what I do and working for yourself is an amazing way to live. I am a lifestyle entrepreneur.”

Amanda serialises her advice to help you maximise your wealth and potential here at the3rdi magazine.

Last month we took a good look at your finances in detail.

Have you filled out your personal balance sheet?

Are you clearer on what you need to earn per month to start making your way to financial freedom.

Is there anything you can cut back, like that extra Chocó Mocha Chinotastic Latte per day that could be going towards a money generating asset?

Just checking you ARE applying our monthly advice – I PROMISE it will be worth it if you stick with it. It’s the small steps and habits that you change that will culminate in your WEALTH SUCCESS!

This month I wanted to highlight the importance of spending your PRECIOUS time – as they say “Life is NOT a dress Rehearsal” – on doing work or a having a career that YOU ENJOY.

Many of our clients are working in the City and kind of like what they do but do not spring out of bed at 6am going ‘Wahey, I cannot WAIT to get to work and start pleasing some customers!’ So we spend time with them narrowing down what really makes them TICK. I am aware in this day and age that is not always the easiest path to marry what you love doing and earning a huge salary – however we see a huge number of clients achieve this – if they want it bad enough!

As we know passion is the driving force behind many a millionaire and global success in all fields from celebrity to entrepreneurs. They do not consider what they do as ‘work‘ for many it is ‘play‘. I do love the title of one of Richard Branson’s books “Screw It Lets Do It” as it summarises his ethos of play and let’s give it a go!

Sometimes we get held back by our own fears of what we SHOULD be doing rather than what we COULD be doing. So is anything holding you back? If you spend the time thinking about what you would really like to do AND get PAID HANDSOMELY FOR IT – wouldn’t you consider it?

There are naturally people like Coco Channel who, once they found their passion, never let it go! I am very grateful to her for her makeup range in particular!! So let’s take a look at what YOUR path to PASSION and WEALTH could be if you aren’t living it already!

So let me ask you:

1. What would you do for free in life because you ENJOY it so much (these may come out of current hobbies or even your current role (or elements of it)

2. On a scale of 1 – 10. 10 being ecstatic, I love it I would not change my role. How would you rate your current form of earning a living?/li>

3. Whatever your score is – how would you make it a 10 in your current role – if it’s possible?/li>

4. How could you take it to a 10 outside and completely different to your current job?

No doubt these have got you thinking already! Do take your time on these and revisit after a few days so your subconscious has had time to start delving into all the right areas of your brain that you may not be aware of!

If you need further clarification or want to work in more depth do get in touch with us as it’s SO important for you to be doing what you love.

Maximise those precious minutes and know that once you find what you love doing, the wealth does start to flow in ways unimaginable.

The more value you add to other people with your own style, personality and passion the more it will come back to you. I’d love to hear any of your success stories or answers!

In the meantime have a WEALTHTASTIC, PASSIONATE Month and see you in April….when, by that stage I should be a first time mum!

Mumpreneurship here I come!

To your health, wealth and success!!

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