Maire-Claire is a passionate transformational coach and inspirational speaker. She has spent most of her working life coaching others to achieve their dreams.

Marie Claire is also the author of the forthcoming book ‘Clearing Space for Miracles‘

Each month she will bring you tips and tactics on how to live your passion, enjoy loving relationships, feel fulfilled, happy and healthy and to enjoy the life of your dreams.

In this, the latest in her series “Clearing Clutter and Making Space for Miracles, Marie-Claire talks about the importance of creating space to allow magic to happen!
Clearing Clutter is, I believe, one of the fastest routes to abundance, success and happiness. Just think of the gloriously happy feeling you experience when you’ve cleared out a drawer or done that job that’s been on your desk for six months! You feel energized and full of inspiration. You feel full of possibility and hope for what lies ahead. (If you can’t remember the feeling, maybe its time to go do some de-cluttering!) Anyway this month Id like to focus less on the hard work of clutter clearing and more on the upside of the space that you now create in your life.

Back to basics for a moment as I recap on what we know now from quantum physics. We know that when a void is created in energy, it will be filled. That is why clearing your clutter works so well in attracting new opportunities, people and even wealth into your life. However we also discover through Quantum Physics that space is present in all matter. The cells in our bodies don’t actually touch each other. The protons and neurons within cells are not directly in contact. The nerves in our body don’t actually connect with each other but manage to transmit messages through the space between them. Within matter and energy there is always space.

This space has given a number of different names from “The Field” by Lynne Taggart to the “Invisible Life-force” by Bob Proctor. It is within the space that magic happens. It is within the space that connections are made and we find our inspiration. This is what artists and musicians have tapped into for centuries. This where Mozart heard his symphonies and Leonardo de Vinci received his inspirations. It is the space that we tap into, almost unwittingly these days, that gives us ideas and immense creativity.

I recently came up with the idea of World Feng Shui Day and an event to launch World Feng Shui Day on 4th Feb every year. Within three weeks we had created something from nothing and it is now an annual event in the calendar. As an example I would like to share with you how I believe I created the space for that inspiration, before we look at ways in which you can create more space in your life .

Towards the end of 2009 I attended a meeting of the Feng Shui Society. Unlike many meetings in our rushed society, we took time out to play a few games first and to get aligned as a group. We enjoyed a brief meditation. We introduced ourselves and shared what we wished to contribute. In other words we created a space where each individual could relax, tap into his or her inspiration and be heard.

Not only did we create the space for inspiration as a group but I also took responsibility for clearing out some of my mental clutter. You see, I had been a member of the Feng Shui Society for a few years now and I had spent the last year as a Member of their Committee and I now realize that this had been driven by mostly selfish reasons. And so when it was my turn to speak I shared with the group how my main motivation for joining the Society and the Committee had been to promote my business rather than to promote Feng Shui generally. I had reckoned that the added kudos of being a Committee Member would fill my books with clients.

I apologized for being manipulative and selfish and then shared that I was now fully present and fully supportive and willing to contribute in any way that I could. Phew! In that moment I became free and I created a space for new beginnings and new possibilities, and in conversation with my gorgeous colleague Richard Ashworth we came up with the inspiration of World Feng Shui Day.

So clearing your clutter and creating space isn’t just about the physical disarray in your home or office, its about creating a relaxed peaceful environment and its about clearing your head of any area where you are not being truly honest or authentic. Lets look at each in turn.

Creating space in a busy life can be easier said than done. Everyone is in a rush and meetings are normally tightly scheduled. I’ve noticed in my life that one of two things happen in meetings, either they are short and perfunctory and there is no space to really connect with each other, or they are long waffley drawn out events where every moment is filled with words and yet there is no space for clarity.

I recently came across the quote “It is not about the results we achieve but about the spaces in between the results”, having spent most of my life chasing results, I am now fully aware of how much I have missed in terms of joy and connectedness with my colleagues. Today I treasure those meetings for a chance to connect and experience how another person experiences the world and what they have to offer as a result. We need to create space in our meetings just as you would have a ‘getting to know you‘ time on a date.

Conversely many of us (well I do definitely!) clutter up our conversations with waffle, gossip and idle chat. Not sure if you do?

Try listening to yourself. No better still take on listening to the other person. I mean really listening. I mean understanding their point of view rather than trying to work out your next retort. If you are a fast talker, practice pausing at the end of your sentences to create some space in the conversation.

At first it will feel very strange, but just as nature fills a void, you will very likely hear something that you may not have heard otherwise. From a potential client in a sales scenario, this tip alone could be worth fortunes to you!

Just as it is the pause between each drum note that creates the music so it is the pause in your speech that creates the magic of conversation.

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