Feng Shui for Business Success

Simon G Brown has studied macrobiotics since 1980 and authored many books, including Modern Day Macrobiotics, Macrobiotics for Life and Practical Wabi Sabi.

In past issues of the magazine Simon has introduced us to Macrobiotics, Wabi Sabi, Meditation and more.

In this series of articles Simon tells us all about Feng Shui for Business Success.

Intuitive Feng Shui

We can with very little training all become aware of our environments and out of this be able to create homes and work spaces that best serve us and best help us succeed in life.

We can do this out of our experience of being in different places, whilst being aware of how we feel there. Ultimately this creates an inner knowing or intuition that encourages us to create the ultimate home out of our own real life experiences rather than someone else’s abstract ideas.

The aim is to turn yourself into an energy sensing being. We already do this to a greater or lesser extent but here the intention is to bring the ability to feel energy into the conscious mind so that you become a barometer for feeling what kind of energy is present wherever you are.

So for example you might sit in a hotel lobby and feel restless. Look around to see if there is a reason for this. Is it the sharp, protruding corners, the long mirror, the shiny floor, the row of doors, the movement of people?

Try different types of environment. Compare your thoughts and emotions when sitting in a huge museum, gallery, cathedral, mosque, temple or synagogue with the thoughts and feelings you experience in a small crowded café. Consider what kind of energy flow might lead to those internal feelings. Is the atmosphere fast flowing, slow, intense, thin, up, settled or volatile? Then look for what it is about the building, decoration and layout that you think could contribute to that energy flow and your current mood.

As you develop this new awareness you will be building up a database of experience with different atmospheres and the way these effect you. You will be developing a real life knowledge of what it is about a building that produces certain atmospheres. This is the essential ingredient for becoming intuitive with feng shui. With this internal library you will be able to intuitively know how to create the best environment for you to succeed in.

Once a week go to a different public building, café, restaurant, museum, gallery, library, hotel lobby, work place, friend’s house or shopping mall. Find somewhere to rest and relax. After fifteen minutes write down your thoughts, emotional feelings and mood. Describe the atmosphere you feel in this place. Look around and make a note of any features you think contribute to this. Is it the colours, the plants, the lighting, the materials used for the floor, the shape of the room, the windows and natural light, the size of the space, the furniture, the art or the open spaces?

The secret is to keep connecting your mental and emotional state to the possible influence of the building you are in.

For more information read Simon’s book The Feng Shui Life Coach published by Godsfield Press.

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