Careers are changing all the time, are you?

Jane Kenyon is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, coach and founder of The Well Heeled Divas Ltd.

“In the past 16 years I have been involved in 9 businesses all focused in the business to business sector including consultancy, training, lifestyle management, IT, PR and networking. I have made money and lost it all twice, got myself embroiled in a few partnership deals I should never have touched and experienced some major highs selling businesses and acquiring others. But I have never lost my passion for business.”

“In 2007 I founded the Well Heeled Divas, an organisation focused on female empowerment with a pretty big vision – to inspire 1 million women to step up to entrepreneurship, leadership and wealth contribution, who in turn, will inspire 1 million young girls to raise their aspirations, believe in themselves and shine.”

Each month Jane shares her views on our business theme. This month Jane tells us why it is important to:

Get going, get better and get bolder..

The Well Heeled Diva Says…..

I am so thankful that the term ‘Job for Life’ has become extinct.

Who wants to do the same thing, in the same environment, with the same people, for the same company for life??

I get goose bumps even thinking about it!

Growth and evolution are my watch words.

Change is GOOD.

Get going and get better, bigger and bolder.

I understand this may be a typical response of a serial entrepreneur and if you are facing redundancy or forced change due to downsizing etc my words of wisdom may be too conceptual and not necessarily helpful, but I believe you can and always do choose your response to any situation. You can view your current predicament as a disaster and remain helpless or you can see it as a gift and an opportunity to reflect on whether this is what you want to do for the rest of your working life – ask yourself….

* What would I be doing if all my financial commitments were sorted?
* What would I do for free?
* What would you I do if i knew that at the end of my life there was a final reckoning?
* What is your legacy? Why are you here? On planet earth, at this time, in this moment?

If the answer to any of the above is ‘I have no idea’ Would now not be a good time to find out?

There are a myriad of personal development programmes, seminars, books and coaches that can help.

Even when you know what you want to do the nature of work and business shifts every day – customers needs change; new competitors arrive; suppliers drift, technology advances and people move on – so should you.

Going through the motions is a life not lived.

You are worth so much more – find your flow, give yourself permission to explore, try new things, meet new people, find people that are doing the things you would like to do and ask them for advice/guidance.

Remember the universe rewards action so do something today!


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