Janey’s view of Life Coaching

We are delighted to welcome Janey Godley as a columnist in the3rdi magazine. If you haven’t come across Janey before she is loud, opinionated and very funny! Her monthly column will bring a sideways look at the issues we cover here and it is sure to provoke comment and debate!

Multi-award-winning Scottish comedienne, playwright, award-winning blogger, best-selling author and former Scotsman newspaper columnist Janey Godley has performed her comedy shows and one-woman play around the world, including off-Broadway in New York. She is a regular on BBC Radio 4’s Just a Minute.

In 2006, Janey was nominated and was close runner-up for the annual Scotswoman of the Year title as ‘the most inspirational woman in Scotland‘. At the New Zealand International Comedy Festival, she won the Spirit of The Festival Award.

A regular 5-star performer at the Edinburgh Fringe, in 2008 she won the Fringe Report Award as ‘Best Performer‘ and two Nivea Funny Women Fringe Awards – as ‘Best Stand-Up‘ and, overall, for ‘Best Show‘ as “one of the most prolific and extraordinary stand-up comedians working in the UK”. In 2008, she also won Edinburgh’s WAG of the Year Award as ‘Best After Dinner Speaker‘, was nominated as ‘Best International Guest‘ in the 2008 New Zealand Comedy Guild Awards and was voted No 3 by readers in London listing magazine Time Out’s list of Top Ten Comedians.

In 2009, her new Edinburgh Fringe show Godley’s World received three 5-star reviews.


Two things I can’t get my head around- networking events and life coaches- they are the scourge of the 21st century.

When you are knee deep in career change and working in an industry where you need to keep eyes, ears and all seven senses open for opportunities, networking events seem perfect.

But to me ‘networking events’ are organised by people who assume you don’t possess the wherewithal to find someone’s email address or have the ability to figure out the hierarchy of your chosen industry.

I once went to a comedy networking event, loads of fame hungry people scouring a room with a warm glass of cheap champagne in their hands and a beady eye over your shoulder when they resigned themselves to a chat with you. They gave you five seconds of conversation before they figured out that YOU weren’t important in TV or Radio and quickly walked off mid sentence to find someone who actually commissioned work.

I have never met anyone worth connecting with at a networking event, except once – there was a waiter called Steve dolling out the cheap wine who used to work for my pal Don, we recognised each other and he was cracking fun. We chatted for ages and it turns out he was a film student and we hooked up later as he wanted to film my comedy gigs and show me how to edit my stuff on my laptop.

Life Coaching is another symptom of our generation – do you really need to pay someone wads loads of cash to tell you that you are ‘wonderful‘ ‘amazing‘ and ‘should have life affirming moments‘ that’s what parents are for.

If every parent in the world called their adult child today and said:
“I made mistakes, I should have been less selfish, you are the best thing that every happened in my life and I love you” then the world of psychology, life coaching and therapy would go into a financial crash and personal relationships would blossom overnight.

Life coaching is one of those industries that has grown from the rise of the celebrity, people who have too much money, too much fame and need someone to help keep them ‘focussed on their personal and professional goals’…or someone who talks really clever and you pay them heaps of cash to tell you that YOU are doing great.

My best mate Monica does all of that for me, she tells me when I am being a dick- when I am good and when I need to be less selfish and listen to the people around me- she tells me when she likes my comedy and she tells me when she hates it- she laughs at my clothes and instructs me to get new ones and over hauls my make up for me- that’s what best pals do. She costs nothing and does it because she is my pal.

We don’t go networking either, we purposely go to a bar- eat chips and talk for ages and woe betide anyone who decides to cut in for a chat!

So, don’t network- go find the people who you want to take your ideas to, and if you are feeling vulnerable and need emotional back up- call a pal!

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