UK Feminista is a unique and innovative organisation being launched in March 2010. UK Feminista aims to build a national movement of feminist activists and mobilise them to effect real and lasting change in gender relations. Activists will be mobilised through direct campaigns and in support of campaigns coordinated by other women’s rights organisations in the UK. The ultimate vision of the organisation is that women in the UK live free from sexism and enjoy all the rights enshrined in the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).

Vision and mission
UK Feminista’s vision is of a society in which women live free from sexism and enjoy all the rights enshrined in CEDAW. The mission of UK Feminista is to inspire, enable and mobilise feminist activism UK-wide to achieve this vision.

Underpinning the work of UK Feminista is a set of core values:

* Feminist: FEM UK exists to promote feminism and to mobilise feminist activism in order to ensure that all women can enjoy their rights as enshrined in CEDAW.
* Inclusive: We seek to make feminism more easily accessible to a wider cross-section of civil society than at present and enable all women and men to take action to end gender inequality.
* Diverse: We recognise that sexism intersects with other forms of discrimination and inequality. A commitment to diversity will therefore underpin both our organisational practices and outcomes.

Strategic aims In order to fulfil its mission the work of UK Feminista is guided by five strategic aims:

1. Build a UK-wide movement of feminist activists
2. Increase the effectiveness of feminist activism through capacity building
3. Establish strategic partnerships with the women’s rights sector and mobilise activists in support of partners
4. Trial and develop activism techniques through direct campaigning
5. Raise public awareness of feminism and feminist activism

As a Company Limited by Guarantee (and soon to be a charity) UK Feminista is governed by a board of Directors and is coordinated by co-directors Kat Banyard and Anna van Heesvijk.

A team of volunteers provide support across the organisation, working directly with the co-directors.

Representatives of grassroots feminist initiatives will input into the work of UK Feminista will form the Feminista Forum, which will meet on a quarterly basis.

For further information about UK Feminista please contact co-director Kat Banyard:, 07775 855037

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