Make a breakthrough in prosperity

If you are looking for a breakthrough in prosperity, 2010 is the perfect year to achieve it. The number 10 signifies a shift from the single number count to the new paradigm of double numbers. Would you like to dramatically increase the flow of money in your life?

Here, I show you how to shift gear so you start the year with a much more powerful attraction to money and prosperity. Simply follow the guidelines and allow more money to find you…

De-clutter your life
The fastest way to attract more into your life is to create space for it. You can read my personal story about how I made space for my own miracles in my special article in this magazine.

Whether you want to attract a new home, a new boyfriend or a New Year pay rise, you need to clear space to receive more into your life. Quantum physics shows us how everything is made up out of energy, including money. The chair you are sitting on, the clothes you are wearing and even the thoughts you are thinking are all made up of energy, albeit existing at different vibrations.

It’s as though we are living in an energetic soup. If your ‘soup’ is cluttered up, there is no room to add new ingredients. Furthermore, quantum physics demonstrates that when there is a void, something else will come in to fill it. I have worked with a number of clients, including James, a former electronics engineer and now a hypnotherapist, who, when he finally cleared his flat of clutter, attracted a stream of new clients; when a radio executive, cleared her house of clutter, she doubled the sales of her company within six months; and when Jo, a software salesperson, cleared her bedroom of clutter she found £400 on top of the wardrobe!

Commit now to clear your clutter and you will receive immediate benefits and the best start to the year that you can give yourself. If you’re not sure where to start or you are feeling overwhelmed by all your clutter, simply commit to clear one area no matter how small and take it from there. It’s harder to attract money into a wallet that is already filled up with old receipts.

So, decluttering your handbag or wallet would be a great start.

Do your accounts.
Know what you have and know what you want. You may be aware that you’d like some more money. But how much more money would you like, exactly? Do you know how much you currently have? Can you see how you act with money? If you have an ‘easy come, easy go’ way with money, then money will have an ‘easy come, easy go’ way with you. If you respect your earnings, it is a way of saying that you respect and value yourself, so you will attract more value and money from others.

Commit to a time when you will do your accounts. Bring them up to date for the New Year and make a diary entry each month to review your earnings and expenditure. Delight in finding out more about yourself by doing this. Get curious and get excited about how money shows up in your life.

Once you understand how much money you spend you can then get clear on how much you wish to save and how much extra you wish to attract. Decide on the exact amount and your mind will immediately start looking for ways to attract it into your life, subconsciously. Just as our minds will immediately set about looking for something we have identified as lost, so it will get to work on finding the exact amount of money you desire.

Andy, another client of mine and entrepreneur, set his figure at £5000 a month and within a month he’d reached this. His new vision is of £10,000 and he’s already on track to achieve it for the second month running.

Get clear on what you want.
Following on from the above, it is essential to take some time out to understand what you really want in your life. Most people don’t actually want money for money’s sake. Money in itself is worthless. Imagine being alone on a desert island with £1million. Money allows us to exchange value.

What is it that you really value? What would you really like to be, do or have in your life? How would you like to feel each day? One of the best ways to explore what you really want is to create a vision board. Collect a pile of glossy magazines and either by yourself or with friends, set aside some time to cut out any images that lift your spirits. Don’t think too much. Just delight in finding words or images that make you feel happy.

Then when you have a good selection, create a collage of these images on a board or old picture frame and hang it in a place where you will see it each day. Incidentally, this is a great New Year activity to do with your family or your loved one each year.

Reality is only as real as the perceptions of the observer. In other words, our thoughts create our reality. The tricky part of this is that a great deal of our thoughts – some say 80 per cent – are subconscious. By hanging an image of what makes you happy in a prominent place, your subconscious will start to work on attracting those ‘thought’ images into your reality.

My friend Mags created a board last year and she is delighted that all of the things she wished for have manifested this year, including finding a new hobby and being able to afford a villa in Spain for her and her family.

Take responsibility
Following on from above, once we understand that our thoughts create our reality, we can become responsible for whatever shows up in our lives. If you want to know how your thoughts are about money, look in your bank account. In order to increase the amount of money in your bank account, you need to change your thoughts. This can be easier said than done and it is wise to work with a coach or even a friend in order to create a shift in this area.

Asking you to think ‘I am rich’ can be a tough challenge when your bank account may be shouting the opposite at you! Instead, I’d like you to take a look at all the reasons why you think you have less money than you’d like, e.g. no pay rise, too many expenses, no husband or provider, no jobs available, inflexible bank or mortgage company, the Government, etc. Now look at all the areas where you have made someone else responsible for you having less money.

Being really honest with yourself here will give you the breakthrough that you’re looking for. In each of these areas how are you responsible? Jo was a top salesperson who was made redundant. While she continued to blame her former employer for her situation she remained a victim and continued to be short of money for two years. She only turned the scenario around when she finally took responsibility for what had happened. Although a top performer, prior to being made redundant, Jo’s overriding thought each morning had been ‘I hate this job. I don’t want to go in today’.

In accepting that she had created her reality, she stopped being a victim and took back the reins of her life. Jo is now financially secure and living in her dream house. Remember, that the money is already there; the only thing preventing you from being rich is you.

Declutter your home and office
Do your accounts
Create a vision board
Find out what makes you happy
Take responsibility for your life
Change your thoughts
Invest in a good life coach

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