February Photodiary

Golden Time

Time…that inescapable fact of life. All things to all people, it drives one forward and holds one back. For some there are never enough hours in the day, others sit by watching it tick by, seemingly slower and slower. We have all had both experiences I imagine. Many of us struggle with finding enough to fit in work, children, partners, friends, family, pets, housework and the pressure to bring everything together around us…or is it just me? I doubt it somehow! ‘Me’ time is always left until last, which is my excuse for being horribly unfit! So my tip for February is remember ‘me’ (well, ‘you’!) and take time out to do the things you feel passionate about, to relax and take stock, to remember what life is about before the chores take over. Your long list of dependants will benefit in the long run, so it really is not selfish!

A Whiter Shade of Pale

I mentioned last month I had plans for some decorating my new home. I have managed to find excellent reasons for procrastination on this project for several weeks, Christmas, visitors, snow, ice…however; I’ve run out of excuses and really could not stand the black wallpaper any longer. Yes, black…not as bad as it might sound; but not my style. What to choose as a replacement? What exciting statement should I make; so many vibrant colours and patterns to choose from. Paint or paper? I plumped for paper, and the vibrant colour statement? Cream – simple, undemanding and no confusion over which shade…cream; or so I thought. Wallpaper shops had nothing to suit (the simple theory?), so online I ventured. This was perhaps a brave way to pick such a visually prominent part of the home, but lots of choices for this so-called simple hue.

Success ensued and lots of money was saved. It was described as ‘ivory’, so I ordered some ‘ivory’ paint for above the picture rail and the same for woodwork. Did it work? No! I am currently drowning in the endless selection of fractionally different shades of cream available, all not just quite right. Of course I am not certain of unsuitability until I have painted 3 coats just to be sure. So I rebelled; took a bowl of cream and took pictures of it instead. I succeeded in the end, that strip above the picture rail has had 6 coats of paint now!

Clones, the route to business success!

One of the downfalls of success in any business, is there simply isn’t enough of one to go around, Back to my previous musings on time; the never ending quest to juggle all the important things in life can be challenging …to say the least! Eventually there is the question of employing staff, which can bring as many new problems as it solves. However, whist enduring the marathon effort of redecorating my sitting room, I found the perfect solution to this issue. Clones! It’s simple, just clone yourself. You’ll know everything will be carried out just the way you would have done yourself, no wages, no employers NI, no hassle – perfect solution! Well…if you are a photographer. Well, we can all dream, can’t we?

Whole, Full Redness

Lastly, there is one thing in February which becomes increasingly hard to ignore. When I was young it was purgatory, would I get any cards; scrawled with ‘SWALK’ and other intelligible messages of equal mystery to me – Valentine’s Day. Or worse still would I get one – which would be instantly recognisable as from my Father; out of pity to stop me haunting the letter box? These days I would rather pretend it wasn’t happening, just another increasingly commercialised event with little meaning. I’d rather have a spontaneous romantic gesture any other day of the year…something given out of honest feeling than ‘because it’s expected’. On the other hand it does no harm to remind the male of the species (at least most of the ones who have crossed my path!) that the concept of romance does exist. So perhaps this voluptuous red reminder of summer beauty is not such a bad thing really!

I hope your Valentine brings you all you desire.

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