4 do’s and 4 dont’s for Valentines Day



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Who better to share Valentines Day Do’s and Dont’s
It is going to be that time again, the big V-day (Valentine’s Day). The time to celebrate and honour your lover. If you are anything like George you are always getting it wrong. One year he completely forgot; another time he actually gave Tina his fiancé £100 pound to treat herself and one time he asked his male colleagues at work what he should do, needless to say the idea was a total flop with Tina.

After Valentine’s Day their relationship would be nearly always tense and awkward. Tina would be cold and upset as she thought his valentine’s “sin” showed lack of love and respect. George on the other hand just couldn’t understand why valentines should be some criteria to judge his love.

Last year Tina threatened to break off the engagement, George had to seek help to keep the relationship alive.

When George came to me I could immediately empathise with him. I grew up in a house where birthdays, anniversaries were virtually ignored. I did not even know about Valentine’s Day until I was in my teens. After I got a girl friend, whose family celebrated every known holiday, it was a shock for me to realize that my lack of interest birthdays was used to judge my degree of love and devotion. I learnt fast and quick to love my girl friend the way she wanted to be love. I had no choice if I wanted to be on her sweet side.

Here are some things I advised George not to do if he wants to marry the girl of his dream.
1. Don’t make it a DIY (Do-it-yourself) valentines
2. Don’t forget
3. Don’t be a last minute valentine’s lover
4. Don’t follow male or even some female friends advice.

He was baffled — what should he do.

Things to do
1. Plan ahead. Put it in your organizer, diary, mobile, outlook calendar or anything that would remind you of the date. DO NOT depend on your memory – it will fail you. Schedule it just as you would an important meeting at work.

2. Think of anything (or activity) that would make your lover feel happy, romantic, loved, appreciated, acknowledged, valued and even sexy (try and come up with at least 10 things). Order the list so that the one which would bring him/her the most joy is first and the one which is least effective is last. This can be anything from writing a love letter, composing a poem, cooking dinner, going to the movie, going out to dinner, giving a massage, doing something she wants done for a long time, buying a gift, going for a boat ride or just a walk in the park.

3. About a month before the Valentine’s Day begin to do the things on your list beginning with the last item. So around January 14th do the last thing on your list. Next couple of day do the next thing until you do the first most effective thing on V-Day.

4. Continue you to do something that would thrill your lover at least once a week. This will infuse such happiness in your relationship that it will become almost ecstatic.

Hilton Samuel

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