Women on the Shelf

We are delighted to announce a brand new partnership with Glasgow Women’s Library. (GWL)

Glasgow Women’s Library was established in 1991. It grew out of the women’s arts-orientated project, Women in Profile (1987), to ensure the visibility of women in the programming of the Glasgow, European City of Culture year (1990). Since the thousands of women have contributed to the growth and success of the Library. GWL is not just a collection of books but aims:

* To address a prevalent gender gap that contributes to complex inequalities in Scotland.

* To take a lead role in redressing the neglect of women’s historical and cultural contributions to Scottish society by providing a catalyst for change.

* To invest in women’s social and creative capital to the benefit of the nation.

* To enable women, particularly the most vulnerable and excluded in society, to access the information they need to make positive life choices.

* To break down barriers to learning and participation for women so that they become fully active citizens, develop skills and knowledge, engender self-confidence and equip themselves to pass on their experience to benefit their families and broader communities.

* To create new ideas of and approaches to culture and heritage that bring together women from the most diverse backgrounds.

As part of the fundraising project for the refurbishment of the library GWL have launched the
WOMEN ON THE SHELF initiative.

In support of project and to introduce you to books which you may not have read before, supporters of GWL will review a book each month which has made a difference to their lives; a book with impact; a book of importance; a book which has had real meaning for them.

Each book reviewed will take it’s place on a dedicated the3rdi shelf within the library so that others can easily find, read and be inspired by the books that have been reviewed. And we’ll mirror that initiative with a special archive withing the3rdi magazine.

The first review is Vera Brittain’s Testament of Youth.

The second review is Betrayed by Amalie Skran

The third review is The Long Song by Andrea Levy

The fourth review is Home by Emma Donoghue

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