The Effects of the Lunar Cycle on Human Life

Simon Brown

Simon Brown

There has long been a fascination with the moon and its possible influence on our lives. It may be that rather like waiting for the best tide and winds before sailing across the sea, waiting for the ideal phase of the moon can make our journey in life a little easier sometimes. There is much statistical evidence that the moon influences our behaviour.

At the time of a full moon there are more admissions to casualty wards, car accidents increase and the crime rate goes up. The changes are between two and five percent. In addition there are said to more disturbances among patients in institutions dealing with people with mental health issues. Some women find their menstrual cycles harmonise with the lunar cycle, some pregnant women find there waters are more likely to break close to the full moon when having a natural birth, which would suggest the moon has an influence on reproduction.

The moon reflects sunlight on to our planet at night and effects the earth’s gravitational field contributing to the rising and falling tides in the seas. The moon goes through a cycle of almost thirty days bringing a rhythm to the planet. We can explore the lunar cycle in four phases.

Here the lunar energy is quieter and this makes for a beneficial time to be reflective and think of new ideas and changes you might want to bring about within yourself. This is a helpful time to feel meditative and contemplative. In addition the sun and moon are exerting their gravitational influence from a similar side of the earth pulling the tides more strongly creating greater clarity of direction. This encourages us to feel more individual.

Now the lunar reflection of the sun is rising and we become more aware of the moon each night. This creates a gentle rise in energy that we can use to help get new projects started and generate new ideas. If we had an interesting insight during the new moon this would be the ideal phase to explore ways to put those ideas into action. During this rising tide of lunar energy we can sometimes ride the wave of lunar energy helping us pick up the momentum to take us through the waning cycle and new moon.

Now the moon is on the opposite side of our planet reflecting sunlight back to us. This spreads the sun’s energy and makes the night brighter as well as creating a gravitational pull from the other side of the planet. This would be helpful time to act on you thoughts, to spread your ideas and be more social. You might find you are more successful in attracting people to a social gathering at this time. Generally people will feel more lively and outgoing.

After the full moon it goes into its waning phase. Here the energy is diminishing and moving to being progressively more inward looking. This is an excellent time to take stock of your life, cherish what you have and explore the practicalities of being efficient and effective. It would be an interesting time to focus on developing your own inner strength and resources.

By Simon Brown

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