We all have something we want to do, be, see. So let’s make it happen in 2010.

Frequently when women are asked what they most want it is to lose some weight. Arguably this is the easiest thing to achieve as it is entirely within your own control. In contrast, if you want to become CEO of Microsoft, for example, there are a few obstacles to be overcome first and while it may be possible it will take time and there will be stiff competition. But, unless you are being held against your will and force fed, losing weight is a simple case of eating less and/or exercising more. What could be simpler?

So if this task over which we have total control is so simple, why is it so hard to lose weight? And if this easy thing is so difficult in practice then what about the rest of our resolutions? Where will they be this time next year?

The reason most people face is not the lack of ambition but the lack of support. Very few people have that single-minded determination to succeed – most of us need support.

And this is where DO JUST ONE THING comes in.

We are not challenging you to do anything. We are SUPPORTING YOU – and providing a platform for us all to support each other to DO JUST ONE THING.

So choose JUST ONE THING that you want to achieve in 2010. Then, follow this link and join with us.

I’ve started us off and, as you will see, it doesn’t have to be a big thing. Life is fun…it shouldn’t be a battle against the world or against your self.

Choose to DO JUST ONE THING and we will support you in reaching your goal and by being part of a group of like-minded people all doing JUST ONE THING together we can achieve hundreds, maybe thousands of things.

To your health – your wealth – your happiness

Karen x

What are you waiting for?

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