Photodiary ~ January

January is the best time to start a diary for obvious reasons, so here I am staring at a blank screen and wondering what profound thoughts I could share at the dawning of a new decade. I seem to be lacking in the profound thought department, so I will leave those to the experts and stick to what I know. I am a professional photographer based in Crieff, a small town in beautiful Perthshire in Scotland, this New Year finds me looking forward to sharing my year in pictures with you over the coming months.

The first photograph had to be of the Comrie New Year Flambeaux parade, the long thick birch poles with tarred rags tightly bound to the tops, are paraded around the village followed by locals in fancy dress – the tradition is performed to cast out any evil spirits. A fabulous spectacle with a good ceilidh to start the year; all evil spirits suitably vanquished we welcome the New Year.

‘A tangled web we weave…’ New Year, new resolutions, new plans…a chance to begin again and put last year behind us. Put the frustrations and toil in their place and look to the future. Like many I make plans and look for new opportunities. I expect this owner of this web will build a new one…as I will begin to decorate my new home. Blues skies full of hope and a spider jewel clad web may bring inspiration.

2010 will no doubt be like any other year, full of beauty for my camera and I; like these snow clad mountains on the Isle of Skye. But their beauty belies the dangers and menace that lies in the Scottish mountains. The weather changes fast and may trap the wariest of climbers and walkers. Rather like life itself, a clear path ahead full of hope and possibility suddenly becomes shrouded in mist and fear of the unknown. Like the experienced climber we must plan ahead; ensuring we have all the tools for our task and keeping faith in our own ability to find our way through the confusing mists. Perhaps we also need to accept sometime there may be times we have to ask for help and call in the rescue team! Lastly I’d like to wish you all peace and happiness for this New Year. May you find your dreams and keep your troubles small.

My fourth photograph is a footprint frozen in time ; a first step into the future, positive and determined in definition and purpose.

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