Living like Deepak

Welcome to my journey!

Well strictly speaking journey may be implying too much in so far as most journeys have a destination, an end point and more than usually a reason to travel. For me in this case it is not so clear-cut I fear. Maybe ramblings would be more appropriate?

By way of background I am middle-aged (which is something of an unknown as I don’t really know when the end of my days will arrive and so assume, with no small degree of hope, that I am about in the middle!), live in what is rather un-flatteringly called “middle England” and am probably middle-of-the-road from a political perspective (I have strong “green” tendencies but I am uncertain as to where, in the traditional political spectrum, that this would place me!).

I have, like far too many of my disposition and age, had my share of success and, for the sake of definition at this present moment, failure. A very successful career in the ego-bursting world of corporate commerce and a subsequent separation from the same. A wonderful marriage and an extremely expensive divorce. Thrilling world-wide experiences and periods of chronic isolation. I tell you these things not by way of badges or awards but simply to tell you that I “know”. I know the pleasures and the pains. I have been there. Simple as that.

I started to investigate personal development and spiritual expansion at the early stages of my aforementioned separations. From the ‘woo-hoo, yes you can‘ world of Robbins and the American heroes to the Vedic scriptures. I have read Deepak Chopra’s work on many occasions; sometimes I got it, sometimes not. Sometimes I re-visited and then ‘got it!‘

I decided recently that if I was to truly benefit from the succinct and profound writings of this amazing man then I had to commit to it; commit completely. So, here I am.

I intend to follow The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success as completely and consistently as I can manage. I am sure that I will learn and grow but have no fixed idea of my eventual destination. I will update my thoughts, feelings, emotions, progress and frustrations daily – or that is my current intention.

I would be extremely pleased to share this with you – warts and all as they say. I hope with all my heart that you gain some benefit from my experiences and musings. And of course, I am hoping for something too – as yet, at the start of the journey, I have no fixed ideas as to what.

Love and hope.
Pablo Funky

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