Fresh Starts

The theme of the magazine this month is, unsurprisingly, FRESH STARTS

At the start of a new year, indeed a new decade it is appropriate to look at the year ahead.

The main event is the launch of DO JUST ONE THING.

It is widely reported that over 90% of new years resolutions fail. We believe that the reason most people face is not the lack of ambition but the lack of support. Very few people have that single-minded determination to succeed – most of us need support. This is why we have launched DO JUST ONE THING. Life shouldn’t be a battle. This is not a challenge! We are here to encourage as many people as possible to make just one small change in their life so that together we can make a big difference.

And we asked our regular columnists for their thoughts:

Jane Kenyon, the Well Heeled Diva is as forthright as ever. She tells us in her article this month, that GOALS DON’t COUNT UNLESS THEY ARE ALIGNED TO YOUR VALUES. I love Jane’s column and this month there is real food for thought.

Sonia Brown counsels that we need more than wishful thinking if we are going to survive in what can be described as the worse possible business conditions in decades. Her column is always inspirational and to get the year started she has gathered the thoughts of leading female entrepreneurs from across all business sectors to give YOU the benefit of their wisdom as you start 2010.

Amanda Steadman takes an action focussed approach to 2010 and brings us her thoughts, and a step by step workbook!, to goalsetting. I’m using this myself so you could say I’m a fan!

Phil Birch looks at VISION in his very personal look at dreamers and visionaries. This article is an absolute MUST READ. How many people do you know that are full of great ideas and then fail to deliver? Phil tells it like it is and ditches wishful thinkers in favour of those who are ready and able to commit to their ideas.

And in line with the call to action Chantal Cooke tells us why even a small step is enough to allow us all to make huge strides in combating climate change and focussing on ethical living.

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to look back at the Copenhagen Accord, with help from environmental groups, and look at the image of women as we start 2010.

And as ever we have great individual articles looking at your health, your welath and your happiness.

Enjoy the magazine!


Karen x

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