Say no to mid-life mediocrity

In November Lindsey Agness, best-selling author, trainer and consultant shared with us the secrets of how to become a Successful Mid-Life Woman. Since then Lindsey has launched a unique programme “..for women who believe in beginnings not endings.”
Over the coming months we will follow one of the delegates, Audra Lamoon, as she goes through the programme.

So, who am I?
“I am Audra Lamoon – Senior Partner of Your Impact (UK) LLP and Co Director of Kawader Impact UAE. Both companies are training, coaching and development companies with consultancy and H&S divisions. We design courses and programmes from scratch for global and local clients in many sectors and industries from pharmaceutical to construction and we deliver training globally in local languages.

I am also Co- Author of Blondes in Business.

I attended the course for business reasons initially; good networking, putting new ideas into practice etc. but soon realised that I could apply this course to my personal wants, desires and even needs. The team of ladies on the course made that very apparent and a safe environment to do that in, so I was thrilled.

The group discussions were excellent, openness and some times tears appeared and we all bonded very quickly. No tree hugging but we became girlfriends and a good old hug after a heavy session was very welcome!

We did some writing exercises that enabled us to put our priorities in order…revealing our trained sense of thought and reasoning… and we were shown how to start to change the patterns of behaviour that keep us stuck in one place. We learnt about the others behaviours too and offered advice on how to progress with certain issues using the Goddess Council format. This is an excellent forum where honesty and openness prevails and great advice from the council as one voice, though all voices are expressed…the judicial court system could learn from this process!!!

We had a session where we created vision boards and these came back 2 days later all framed and printed by a professional graphic designer. This was extremely motivating and inspiring and has really focused me on my 2010 goals.I intend to get them all! It proudly sits in my office on my wall so I keep focused, and it ensures I do the homework set by the Goddess Council!”

About the Course – Lindsey Agness
“Age with Attitude is 10 day journey of discovery and personal change.

It is about maximising our mid-life experiences. Whether that is about creating change in any area of your life or maintaining the successes you have already achieved. It’s for women who see their mid-life as a new beginning rather than the beginning of the end! Our design has all the ingredients for creating the permanent changes you want to make in your life – face to face training sessions where you learn alongside like-minded women, coaching to keep you on track in between each training session, membership of a peer support group and link to an on-line community of women.

So what exactly is included?
You get 10 days of face to face training sessions with Lindsey Agness, spread over a 10 month period. The 10 days are split into four separate sessions with coaching in between each session. You are allocated your own personal coach at the first session who will remain with you throughout the programme. In addition, you will join a peer support group of other women on the programme to keep the momentum going throughout the change process.

The programme is built around Lindsey’s unique concept of the ‘8 Attitudes of the Successful Mid-Life Woman’ designed to develop focus, build self-belief, self-esteem, confidence, motivation and strength to do something different – whether that be taking up new interests, making new friends, losing weight, dealing with relationship challenges, changing career or whatever else you want to change about your life!”

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