PART 4: 2010 – A Groovy Year in the Making…

Amanda Steadman

Amanda Steadman

So how was your 2009?!

Did you look back at what you set out to do in December 08 and see how far you have come?

Although part of me wants to go through a whole spiel on Goal Setting I am sure you have heard a lot of it before and take a deep sigh, knowing that you really ‘should’ sit down with a pen or paper or with trusty laptop and type up at least a few New Years resolutions….

Even for myself who KNOWS the power of getting clarity on what you want and where you are can get a little repetitive if you let it. So this year I am going to sit with my video camera, a very small glass of champagne (well I am 7 months pregnant) and a pile of chocolate and possibly some Take That playing in the background when not recording and do my ‘INTENTIONS for 2010. I’m going to make it more fun than I normally do which is usually sitting with my Goal Workbook and getting down and dirty with the details..

What I have found after working with thousands of people on ‘Goal Setting’ is that everyone has their own unique style of doing it. Some want the Super Speedy I-don’t-have-too-much-time-to-sit-down-and-do-goals Workbook, Others want something more visual – so a scrapbook or visionboard suits them (I love this method – see notes).

Then you have the other category of individuals that devour the Goal Setting Workbook and wish to do everything in detail and planned effectively. I would essentially love to fall into the latter category – in my profession it should be. However I like a good mix of all kinds of media to keep my subconscious stimulated and focssed on those future outcomes that I know will happen.

After doing this process for many years I KNOW the benefits and can show you written goals from years ago and pictures that have actually come into fruition! Last January I took a picture When I remind myself about that fact there is a little voice that says – ‘wow Amanda you could be spending a lot more time just doing this to get even better results!!’

So this is all lovely but WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT YOUR FANTASTIC FUTURE IN 2010 and beyond???

How much effort are you willing to craft out a wonderful year for yourself. I am sure there are a few things on your list for Santa that he just won’t be able to deliver on…many of my girlfriends have ‘perfect partner’ on their list and many clients have ‘ financial freedom please’.

What are YOURS?

Start 2010 by working through Amanda’s Goalsetting Workbook via the Haiti Appeal!

*Visionboard – a piece of paper/card/screensaver/visual method of capturing what you want to be do or have in your life. Basic version is pictures from magazines/internet and stuck to a board and placed where you will see it everyday!

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