It’s not about the money

I’ve lost count of the number of people who tell me that “its not about the money” or that “money is not important”. The interesting thing is that many have come to me to request help in attracting more money into their lives. It’s as though they want to accidentally uncover £50,000 in a way where they can remain spiritually pure. Of course, it is not about money in itself but sometimes I feel that people do protest a little too much!

Recently I heard someone refer to “money” as “the dark or black energy” and they even called for people not to dress in black! This to me is the very height of superstition and quite frankly it borders on the limits of being ridiculous. Their avoidance of money was challenged when somebody had to pay for lunch!

We live in a world where the energy of money is used to allow an exchange of value within society. It is an accepted means of exchange. £1,000,000 on a desert island would be worthless. In an economy based on money it represents huge value in that it can be exchanged for items or services of high value. It may feel as though I am stating the obvious. I am. However I really feel that this needs to be made clear. Money is important in a society that uses money as a measure of value.

How else do you measure the success of your business? How can you put a value on your services without the measure of money? Money isn’t the only representative of your value but it can indicate how much you or your services are valued in society. If nobody wants to pay for what you have to offer, it could be a strong indicator that what you are offering is not aligned to what is needed or to your strongest desire.

I have met many alternative therapists who are struggling to make an adequate income.
Why is that? Well there are a number of possible reasons:

* they lack confidence in their abilities and so don’t charge enough
* they lack belief in their therapy and so don’t charge enough
* they don’t believe that it is a “real job” and so haven’t equated a real payment structure to it
* they gain so much personal benefit from delivering the therapy that it doesn’t feel right to charge much for it
* there are few recognized bodies to guarantee a minimum payment scale
* they are self employed and are uncomfortable asking for payment
* they have seriously low self esteem and don’t fully value what they do.

However instead of being honest about the above, I often hear the refrain “Yes, but its not about the money!” The inference is that they don’t need money like the rest of us. They must be spiritually superior. This is great if it is sustainable. Somebody who has already created a healthy passive income can afford to effectively retire and offer services at a ridiculously low rate because they want to serve others. Most of us can not. Sooner or later the savings dry up. The house is downgraded to a smaller one. And finally, when it is almost too late, they arrive at my door and request some coaching. They want to attract more money …. often whilst still maintaining that “it is not about the money”!!

So lets get one thing straight …life is a lot easier when we feel financially secure. It is easier to provide for others when we can provide for ourselves. Think of what happens when the oxygen masks are required in an aeroplane …a mother needs to grab her mask first before attending to the child. That is basic common sense …and yet many of us wish to serve the world before we have checked that we are OK.

We can do so much more when we have money. We can feed the poor. We have access to more resources. We can communicate more effectively with each other. We can challenge barriers in medicine, in politics and in our understanding of the world, and beyond. We can cause the possibility of peace.

Yes, money will always be used for warfare and for harming humanity but there is a natural balance to the Universe. Where there is black we will also find white, Where there is darkness , there is also light. Just as money can be used for ill means so it will always be used to serve humanity. The trick is to respect how money serves us rather than the other way round. Money is not the God here but it is most often the necessary servant in todays society.

If youd like a breakthrough concerning the amount of money in your life, you need to change your perceptions towards money. Do you see it as a necessary evil or a tool for creating more happiness in the world? When you think of the wealthy, do you think of the material excesses of pop stars or of the generous charity foundations established by people such as Bill Gates and Rio Ferdinand? When raising money for charity, every £1 collected in a local raffle can be dwarfed by the thousands of pounds donated by the wealthy at say, a prestige charity auction event. Having access to wealth opens up possibilities over and above those that are possible when you have less money.

In other words, you will still have all the creative openings that were there for you when you had less money. Youll just have a lot more choices in how you get things done. This in turn will allow you to accomplish so much more and to make a real difference in the world. Wouldn’t it make more sense for you to spend your time doing what you do best, whether it is selling, singing or saving dolphins , and to pay someone else to do the things you do less well, say the ironing, the admin or the delegating, than you trying to do everything because you haven’t earned enough to pay someone else?

More and more I am coming across a new breed of successful entrepreneur. The Internet entrepreneur Mark Desvaux coined the term “Philantrepreneur” to describe the entrepreneurs who are driven by causes much bigger than themselves and money. They have made their money and giving back has become important to them. TV programmes such as The Secret Millionnaire have spawned a new kind of spiritually aware wealthy person. However, please note that they are still focused on creating wealth. Even modern day saints such as Mother Amma and Mother Meera recognize the importance of raising funds to feed the poor, to rehouse the homeless and to educate the illiterate. They themselves have enough trust and faith in a higher power to be provided for themselves.

In an ideal world we would all have enough trust and faith not to ever concern ourselves with money. Whether we have enough trust or not, there is no denying that money has a role to play in our society and attracting money is a good thing. It is OK to be wealthy. It is OK to make money. It is good sense to run a profitable and productive business. It is OK to hire good staff and fire people who are not good. It makes sense to earn an income doing what you are good at. It is excellent to place a high value on your services and to charge a high price. By all means contribute to the community with a lower price offering if you wish but don’t let that stop you charging your full worth elsewhere. Value your time . Value your gifts to the world. Value who you are in this world. You can make a difference without money. However is it wise to turn down the offer of money when it could help you to accomplish so much more?

“Money isn’t everything” is true. In fact “Money for money’s sake” is ridiculous and needlessly greedy. However watch out for how you talk about money. If you find that you are often dismissing money as “a necessary evil” for example, you are unlikely to attract more of it. People who use phrases such as “its not about the money” or “money is not important” will have a similar result. Effectively they are pushing away the possibility of attracting money.

If you wish to attract more money into your life …and why wouldn’t you?…..start thinking about money in a positive way. Write a list of all the amazingly good things you could do with more money. Write a list of all the good things you have heard done with lots of money. Write a list of the causes you would support and the difference you would make in the world. How would your life become easier so that you could devote more time to your favourite causes? How could you boost employment by having more money? Even on a small scale, you’e likely to employ a cleaner, an accountant, a PA, a hairdresser and a manicurist. Think of the time you would save when you don’t need to worry about money … youd simply book your travel , make that phone call or buy what was needed without checking the price. Your energies and focus would be channeled into creating more wealth and wider possibilities for the world we live in.

Being poor doesn’t really help anyone. Having enough money is Ok. Having plenty of money is empowering and enables possibilities. You are a human being with the ability to create whatever you wish for. Why wouldn’t you want to create the highest value for yourself and for humanity? Who are you to be playing small and using money as your excuse for doing so?

You wanna be a Money Magnet? Start realising your full value and make money your friend!

(This month’s ‘rant’ is now officially over…we welcome your comment!)

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