How your angels can help at Christmas

Sarah Alexander

Sarah Alexander

Your angels are with you all the time and can help you with every aspect of Christmas. All you have to do is ask.

Angels, from the Greek word angeloi, are messengers, conveying messages from the Divine Mind of the Creator to you, the created. They can give you guidance and information about absolutely any area of your life.

They are here to help you with every area of your life, for their ultimate mission is to bring you peace. So if Christmas is a challenging time for you, you have a team of loyal supporters who are here to help you with every detail of the Christmas festivities.

So what causes you concern at Christmas? Choosing the right party clothes? Buying just the right gifts for some people or for all of them? The prospect of Christmas with the relatives? Cooking for company in a big way? Making a fair decision about how much time over Christmas should be spent with one side of the family or the other? Or is it all of the above?

Releasing all such seasonal problems to your angels starts with four simple steps. These steps help your angels to help you. If you have doubts about the existence of your angels and their ability to help you, put it to the test. Ask them to help you and see what happens!

Step One: Be really clear about what you want help with.
By Universal Law, angels can only help you if you ask for their help. All you have to say (out loud or in your head) is, “Angels, please help me with …..”, and they will hear your request. The more clarity you give your request, the better.

It is also very important to make your requests in the positive, instead of in the negative. Asking that “The relatives do not end up staying all week”, or that “Aunt Maude doesn’t buy me the same calendar again this year” will not bring the angels rushing to your help. Framing your desired outcomes in the positive, however, will attract their full assistance.

Below are some suggestions for framing your Christmas requests to your angels in a clear, positive way:

* I am guided to the perfect present for each person
* I have all the money I need to buy those perfect presents
* I look fabulous in my lovely Christmas party outfit
* I have all the time I need to do all shopping, cooking, cleaning and preparing for the Christmas period
* My whole Christmas time is filled with happiness, joy and, most important of all, peace
* All my family greatly enjoy the festive period and gain pleasure from each other’s company
* My Christmas cooking is done with ease and enjoyed by all
* All my family members are happy and content with all the Christmas arrangements I have made
* I am very pleased with how well Christmas goes and with the gifts I receive

You can ask for anything that you want. Be creative and think up new, exciting ways to enjoy Christmas.

Remember this proviso, though: add to your list of requests that you intend for this outcome or something even better. That allows your angels to use their creative abilities to bring you something even better than you have imagined. Your angels can see the bigger picture of your life and therefore can see that you could have so much more than you ask for. Leave it up to them to bring you the very highest and best that you deserve!

Step Two: Detach from your desires
Having made clear requests to your angels, your next step is to let go of those requests completely. Let them go in the sure knowledge that the desired outcomes are winging their way to you at great speed. Imagine releasing requests into the hands of your angels – freeing you from carrying around that burden of concern.

If you try to hold onto your desires, or worry about when and how they will come to you, you will make it very difficult for your angels to bring them to you. Know that you will receive the guidance you need at exactly the right time and in exactly the right way. With that guidance will come the energy to act so that doors open for you, things happen easily and all that you need comes to you in an effortless way.

This attitude of total detachment declares, “I am happy if this happens and if it doesn’t happen, I am happy too.” The more you can surrender your expectations of what you think should happen and how it should work out, the easier you are making things for your angels. From their lofty position, the angels really can see what is for your highest good and greatest joy.

With everything you desire in life, the more you can totally let go of your expectations, the more easily life can work out for you.

Step Three: Be open to guidance from your angels
Angels communicate with you through your subtle inner senses and feelings. They speak to you through synchronicities in your life and through repetitive ideas and feelings. Coupled with all angelic guidance is the gut feeling of sense of “Yes, this is right.”

This guidance is helped by your ability to spend quiet time alone, focusing on your breath and allowing your full breath to imbue you with angelic energies.

This quiet time alone is not difficult to achieve – it can be when you’re in the bath, alone in your home, walking the dog or even sitting in a traffic jam! Any time during which you can take full, deep breaths while intending to connect with your angels is the perfect time.

Being open to their guidance is also key, for the more you are attuned to the messages of your inner senses, the easier it is to recognise and receive guidance.

Imagining that your first intention is to buy the perfect presents, how would angelic guidance help you with this?

You may go out shopping on a sudden whim, perhaps in your lunch hour, and your attention is drawn to a certain shop, perhaps one that you haven’t been into before. You take time to look at its wares and your awareness is drawn to an ornament, a picture, or an item of jewellery and you know with absolute certainty that that would make the perfect present for your Mother. The feeling of inner knowing and “rightness” that accompanies this is unmistakable.

In contrast, you may have set aside a certain day for buying presents. Again, notice the gentle drawing of your attention to the right displays in the right shops in the right locations. Feelings of expansiveness, pleasure and a sense that you are being gently taken in the right direction characterise this guidance. It is not something you can force. It simply happens naturally. Be willing to say, “Please guide me, angels”, and to act on the guidance you are then given, instead of trying to work out logically what to do and where to go.

When cooking the perfect Christmas meal, allow certain recipes to be shown to you if you want to try some new dishes. You may feel compelled to watch certain cookery programmes or search the Internet for ideas, or a friend may give you a great recipe. It would be easy to discount this as your angels’ guidance but this is the way that your angels work – opening your awareness to new ways of thinking and doing things and assisting you in taking the easy route to your desired outcome.

Is your request to be able to afford all the Christmas presents on your list? First, you have to be able to hear your angels’ response. This definitely requires your willingness to relax about money and how it may come to you. Lately, so many negative messages about money have poured from the media that it can be hard not to get caught up in the spread of fear. However the more you can step out in total trust that the money will be there and see yourself having all the money that you need, the more that will be the reality for you.

Angelic guidance may include guiding you to certain pre-Christmas sales where the perfect presents are at great discounts; they may nudge you to buy at lower prices on the Internet; you may receive a bonus or cash gift, unexpected by you but already known by the angels. In endless ways, the angels can ensure that you do have the money to buy all that you need at Christmas time.

Be relaxed. Be open. Be receptive to their nudges and have absolute confidence in knowing that the nudges will come.

Step Four: Take action on your guidance
The more you are attuned to your subtle inner senses by experiencing times of quietness every single day, the easier it is to receive angelic guidance. This may simply come to you as new thoughts or ideas. Whatever the form of the message, the content will be repetitive, and it is very important that you do act upon it. When you act swiftly on this guidance, you act in alignment with angelic energy.

If your intention is to have a Christmas Day filled with happiness, joy and peace, you may be guided to get everyone up and out on a walk after lunch instead of letting them sit around and doze; you may be guided not to serve certain foods or beverages; to buy ready-prepared vegetables as a time-saving measure; to have the meal earlier or later; to play games at a certain time; or to let everyone know in advance that you want the evening to yourselves as a family. Let yourself be open to new ideas about how to create a happy Christmas.

Above all, let yourself be relaxed about how you could create a different Christmas Day. The more relaxed you are, the easier it is for your angelic team to do their work on your behalf. On the day, invite the angels in to add the energies of light and love to your Christmas. See how much you, and all those around you, enjoy it as never before.

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